UNHRC’s doubtful impartiality on Kashmir

By K.N. Pandita

UN Human Rights Council’s 42nd session has just come to an end in Geneva. My more than twenty year experience at the UN in Geneva is that it has not been fair to India in regard to Kashmir cause. This bigotry is traceable to the days of British colonial rule over India.

In her opening statement the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights gave two short paragraphs on Kashmir in which she has been unreasonably critical.

The High Commissioner says “coming to my office” say this and that. Who are her reporters and who vouches for their credibility.?

She says she is concerned about the impact of recent actions of GOI on the human rights of the people. One may ask were was she and where was her human rights sensivity when the small religious minority of Kashmiri Hindus was subjected to repeated pogroms and ethnic cleansing from their Kashmir homeland? Why did she treat them as “other”?

She has talked about some temporary restrictions but she has sidetracked the unleashing of terror and deep fear in Kashmirian civil society by the armed radicals inspired by mentors across the border. She has urged the GOI to ease the current lockdown without even touching even remotely on the circumstances that compelled a democratic government to temporarily curtail some facilities. One wonders whether the High Commissioner on human rights should care more for internet services than for the protection of human lives.

We find no need for the High Commissioner to be upset on the detention of some politicians and the free flow of the law of the land. Had the law of the land freely flown the detained politicians would never have been allowed to patronize the armed radicals and sing the encomiums of their bravery of killing ordinary and innocent people.

It is a travesty that in her 221 words comprising her comments she takes care not to use the word terrorism or radicalism even once while the entire Kashmir narrative is about terrorists and terrorism. We will not forget that during his first visit to Washington Pakistani Prime Minister openly told in a press briefing that 30;000 to 40:000 jihadis were ready in Pakistan to fight in Afghanistan or Kashmir. Will the High Commissioner be good enough to tell the GOI how it should tackle the terror agenda of this huge group existing in Pakistan.

Not only Kashmir, the High Commissioner has opened another front against India. She ruminates over the recent National Register of Citizens Verification process in the eastern state of Assam and expresses deep concern over the fate of 1.9 million people considered as illegal migrants. In the first place the High Commissioner overlooks the aspect of clandestine immigration and the laws governing the crime and secondly she overlooks how much generous and liberal the Government of India has been with them. Can the High Commissioner count a single European country which would allow such a large number of people illegally staying over in their country for such a long time? The illegal intruders have been given full freedom to go in for an appeal to a superior court if they feel justice is not done to them.

The fact of the matter is that big powers would not like to see India rising as a power in South Asia. India is a Hindu majority community. If the Hindu civilization is not to flow freely here in this country.

It is also true that Pakistan and its henchmen in our country or elsewhere have also contributed to maligning us. Great damage is usually done to our Kashmir cause by blatantly pro- British or pro-American NGOs like Amnesty International, World Watch and others.It is important to contradict their misrepresentation or distortion of facts with full force. At the same time India should lodge a protest with the UN Secretary General expressing her displeasure of senior UN functionaries and special rapporteur deliberately hiding the full story and submitting only selective aspects of a case.

Who abused Article 370 and how?

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Recent constitutional and administrative reforms in J&K have caused some concern and apprehensions to the Muslim population of the State especially the Valley. Their main argument is that the law makers had understood the necessity of granting J&K a special status in the Indian Constitution. Continue Reading…

Depoliticizing Kashmir is the way out

By K.N. Pandita

Upturning of a plethora of Kashmir political rubble accumulated over seventy years is the sum and substance of Governor’s recent interview to some pressmen. It is for the first time that the Governor has demystified the inscrutable facade of Kashmir politics. Some commentators will call it a browbeating. Unfortunately most of our Kashmir watchers in the media are not well informed on the psyche of the Kashmiris and would like to evaluate in terms of true democrats only or through their ideological prism. Continue Reading…

Palsied intellectualism of our times

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More than 700 top intellectuals of the expelled and exiled community of Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) coming from pre-eminent professions all over the country and abroad, recently signed a memorandum wherein they warmly welcomed the historic decision taken by an overwhelming (two-third) majority of both houses of Indian Parliament in regard to important constitutional and administrative reforms specific to the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir. Continue Reading…

PoK “nationalists” on horns of dilemma

By K.N. Pandita

I have many friends in PoK. A good number of them lives as expatriates in the UK and other European countries including Switzerland. We are good friends and, in a way, friends in adversity. Pakistan’s oppression forced them to seek asylum in western countries and for the same reason people of my community had to leave the homeland and seek shelter in different parts of our country. The difference is that they are the refugees in a foreign country and we are refugees in our own country. Continue Reading…

Why India rejects mediation

By K.N. Pandita

In 72-year-old Kashmir dispute, India persistently rejected third party mediation. Some superpowers volunteering to offer mediation are morally on the back foot to accept historical truths fearing it might jeopardize their global dominance. They take cover under dubious proposal of mediation. India has strong reasons, historical, legal, moral and factual to turn down any suggestion of mediation from any quarter especially from one that has done much arm-twisting to her when the question was at the Security Council. Continue Reading…

Kashmir hysteria grips Pakistan

By K.N. Pandita

Kashmir is all that Pakistan talks about these days. On 14 August, the day on which Great Britain created Pakistan in 1947, Imran Khan was in Muzaffarabad instigating PoK “nationalists”, (the long-time adversaries of Pakistan), that India had snatched away Kashmir from them. He purported to convey through them a message to PoK expatriates in the UK who responded by making a massive protest demonstration in front of the Indian Mission in London. The London police made a mock show of preventive measures. Continue Reading…

J&K integrated into the Indian Union

(This article replaces the one put yesterday named ‘Kashmir festering sore under the surgeon’s knife):

By K.N. Pandita

Jammu and Kashmir issue was at the top of BJP’s agenda from day one of Modi-02 government. The reason for BJP to pull the carpet under the feet of the coalition government was its dark foreboding that Jammu and Kashmir were made to gravitate to theocratic propensity. Continue Reading…

Agonized MP from Kashmir Valley

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People usually exonerate his eccentricities by saying in a lighter vein that Farooq Abdullah, the former chief minister of J&K and now an MP, has, a method in the madness. His supporters see no eccentricity in him while his detractors love it with hatred. Such is the colourfulness of his personality. He is not true when in power and he is totally untrue when out of power. Continue Reading…

Letter to the Editor – KP return

Daily Excelsior

Dear Sir,

Apropos Dr K.L. Chowdhury’s article ‘Return of Kashmiri Pandits’ (DE 1 Aug) the disturbing point is that a few Pandits hobnobbing with the Hurriyat (M) have publicly said that they have the blessings of the Home Ministry sources to make the exercise. Neither the MHA nor the office of the State Governor has repudiated this assertion. Hence there is a further intensification of uncertainty and suspense… Continue Reading…