Initiative for a political process in J&K

By K.N. Pandita

In any case, after a long spell of Presidential rule, the political process has to begin in the J&K. The administration has to pass into the hands of the elected government.

In the lexicon of contemporary politics, normalcy has a new connotation. Just as we may have to put up with Coronavirus so shall we have to put up with fractured normalcy. We may have to live under the shadow of the gun for a long time. Therefore normalcy cannot be taken as the latchkey for entry to the political process. Continue Reading…

Gupkar Declaration to Six-party Resolution

By By K N Pandita

A year ago, on August 4, 2019, prominent political leaders of Kashmir Valley had come together at Farooq Abdullah’s residence on Gupkar Road in Srinagar and agreed to stay “united in their resolve to protect and defend identity, autonomy and the special status of J&K against all attacks and onslaughts whatsoever”. The decision for the meet was driven by rising speculation of “attacks and onslaughts whatsoever.” Reading between the lines, the term “whatsoever” subtly referred to Hindu-dominated NDA government while the phrase “to protect and defend identity, autonomy and the special status of J&K” implied the identity etc. of the Muslim majority of the Valley. Continue Reading…

Pak shows bravado in pocketing insult

By K N Pandita

The UN General Assembly has elected Volkan Bozkir, the veteran Turkish bureaucrat and career diplomat as the President of the 75th General Assembly Session. He will assume office in September and will be the first-ever Turkish diplomat to be elected to the high office of the UN. He won a landslide majority of 171 votes while 11 abstained. This speaks for his popularity. Continue Reading…

J&K Reorganization Act 2019: First Anniversary


By K.N. Pandita

Indian Parliament’s J&K Reorganization Act 2019 will complete its first year on August 5. The Act revoked the special status of J&K along with its statehood. Instead two Union Territories of Ladakh and J&K came into being. Continue Reading…

Restoration of statehood to J&K

By K N Pandita

State Reorganization Act 2019 passed by the Parliament on 5 August 2019 with a huge majority vote came as a shock to the Kashmir valley leadership, the victims of split-personality. The bluster spelt out by Gupkar Declaration of August 4, 2019, like “the streams of blood will flow”, and “not a single man will be there to raise tricolour” foreboding, all evaporated in thin air when only 24 hours later, a bill purporting not only the scrapping of anti-people Article 370 but also breaking the State into two Union Territories was tabled in the Parliament. Next day, 6th of August, the bill was passed into an Act of Parliament with an overwhelming majority. Continue Reading…

PoK – a spurious state run by proxy

By K.N. Pandita

Political theorists have not been able to define the legal and political status of a region illegally occupied by Pakistan and named “Azad Jammu and Kashmir”. Realizing its strategic importance in the context of CPEC, B&R Initiative and Chinas expansionist designs eastward, Beijing insisted upon Pakistan to define the region’s legal and juridical status. Continue Reading…

Geelani disassociates from Hurriyat: Story of ideological crisis

By K.N. Pandita

For quite some time Geelani was mute, maybe owing to advancing age problem like dementia. In a letter, scripted three months ago but released now to the heads of the eight units of his organization (Hurriyat – G), he made threadbare confession of his dissatisfaction with the units of his organization in both parts of the State. Continue Reading…

Letter to the Editor – Signals from Kashmir

Daily Excelsior

Apropos K.B. Jandial’s Don’t overlook negative signals from Kashmir (DE 11 June). The writer has tried to unravel very crucial aspects of the current situation of Kashmir militancy. Nobody will disagree with his analysis and depth of perception. But I have to add something. I find he has been treading with over-cautious steps in a field that for sure is striven with dangerous thorns. He should have overcome reservation and caution in a matter that is of extraordinary importance to the Indian nation. Continue Reading…

Pakistan steps up firing across the border

By K.N. Pandita

In recent months Pakistan has stepped up unprovoked firing and shelling at many sites along the LoC in J&K. Deviating from the previous practice and in blatant violation of the ceasefire agreement of 2003 between the two sides, Pakistani Rangers are now using heavy weapons and targeting the civilian locations on our side of the border. Several civilian casualties have happened and a large number of civilians living along the border had to be shifted to safer places. Continue Reading…

Contribution of Kashmir to Farsi literature

K.N. Pandita


Kashmir’s contribution to Farsi literature has to be taken as part of India’s contribution to Farsi literature. The beginning and popularizing of Farsi language and literature in India is connected with the establishment of Muslim rule first in the western and then in other parts of India; Continue Reading…