Savage in the neighbourhood

K.N. Pandita

Till date, mankind knows no deadlier epidemic than COVID-19. In a matter of weeks, the pandemic spread across the globe taking a heavy toll of life. It is three months old now and despite enormous potential, the world community has in medical science researches no antidote to the virus has been discovered till date. Continue Reading…

Will HM ride the tiger?

By K.N. Pandita

Home Minister and Prime Minister, both have indicated that the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir could be revived over time. The PM has gone half a step further and said it can happen sooner than later. What does this indicate?

Many surmises are made. It could be political rhetoric to keep Kashmir stakeholders in a state of limbo; a ploy to make smooth the functionality of the newly constituted Apni Party or it could mean to tone down the criticism of sections of national and international media both of which have been writing viciously against recent reformative measures of the Modi government. Continue Reading…

May I speak to you, Farooq Sahib

By K.N. Pandita

Permit me to speak to you candidly, Farooq Sahib. People in Kashmir call you an eccentric man. I agree with them but I know you have a method in the madness.
Despite all eccentricity that you may have, you have, through paternal legacy and conviction, rejected Kashmir’s Pakistan option. It is not to please the Indians but to care for your compatriots in J&K who are emotional but not visionary. Continue Reading…

JK has a new political party

By K.N. Pandita

If JK Apni Party (JKAP), the new political party inspired by Muzaffar Hussain Baig and launched by Altaf Bukhari, is the replication of Bakhshi Ghulam Muhammad and his National Conference, then the fate of JKAP and its leadership will be nothing different from the fate that visited the Bakhshi. Congress propped up Bakhshi and Congress dumped him thus exposing the State to what it is facing since 1990. Will BJP behave differently, is the baffling question. Continue Reading…

Delimitation of electoral constituencies

By K.N. Pandita

Delimitation of electoral constituencies in J&K has been a burning question since a long time. It has also been a contentious issue because of the peculiar demographic complexion of the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir. (now UT). Jammu region has been complaining that it is under-represented in the law-making bodies. Since Kashmir region enjoyed a majority in the Legislative Assembly, the voice of Jammu was not heard. Continue Reading…

Letter to the editor – Trump and the sub-continent

Daily Excelsior

Apropos Betab’s write-up “Trump, India and Pakistan” (DE 8 Feb), we have a pragmatic and emotionless analysis of triangular relationship and strategy in the strife-torn subcontinent. Accepting the axiomatic verdict of history that in politics, there are no friends and no foes but only interests, we in India should learn to be more pragmatic and not visionary. Pakistan led by the thugs in olive-green is and shall remain a reality. Continue Reading…

Pandits of Kashmir – the saga of a vanishing people

By K.N. Pandita

Very few communities of great antiquity like the Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits), have borne persecution and oppression for almost seven centuries for their sin of adhering to their ancestral faith, the Hinduism, and struggling against calamitous odds to preserve their rich and colourful culture and traditions. The Hindus of Kashmir are the indigenous inhabitants of Kashmir Valley and their early history is steeped in colourful mythology. Continue Reading…

Pakistan cannot integrate PoK


By K.N. Pandita

In a formal statement, Pakistan foreign office spokesperson rubbished the rumours of Islamabad proposing the integration of PoK into the mainland and thus terminating the status of the region as Azad Kashmir. The speculation had been making rounds after the Indian parliament abrogated the clause of Article 370 granting special status to J&K. Continue Reading…

Trump’s penchant for mediation

By K.N. Pandita

No US president ever expressed his inclination for mediation in Kashmir dispute as does Donald Trump. In recent past, he has repeated his willingness and India declines it outright. Recently in World Economic Meet at Davos, where Pakistan Prime Minister raised the Kashmir issue, Trump repeated his offer for mediation. Continue Reading…

Letter to the Editor – Glorifying Faiz

Daily Excelsior

Dear Sir,
This is concerning “Faiz was a bridge ….” by Sankar Ray (DE 22 Jan). The chanting of a poem of Faiz Ahmad Faiz by a section of students of IIT Kanpur has triggered a controversy in the social media. Leftist thinkers and writers came out with strong support for Faiz and helped the controversy to become deeper. Continue Reading…