Perfecting the art of self-deception

By K.N. Pandita

A friend defined a hypocrite as one who believes in his own lies. History of separatist movement in Kashmir is a classical example of hypocrisy meaning people believing in their belied moment. Continue Reading…

Moment of introspection for Hurriyat

By K.N. Pandita

Some out of power politicians and sections of print media are in the habit of intentionally issuing statements that create uproar in civil society. One such occasion they recently chose was the statement issued by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat. Amusing and childlike stories were fabricated. It speaks of their churlish nature.   Continue Reading…

Is coalition functioning steadily?

By K.N. Pandta

There are worrying signs about the coalition government’s will to function according to the diktat of national interests. Some of their actions do not conform to words, and even go contrary to what is said in public.

In particular, BJP’s role as partner in the government is carefully evaluated by stakeholders and analysts. Continue Reading…

Our “intellectuals” of ‘post-truth era’

By K.N. Pandita

During past two months, former foreign minister Yashwant Sinha twice led a delegation of Delhi-based organization named “Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation” to Kashmir.

This group of “intellectuals” working on Kashmir for more than a decade includes some top ex-bureaucrats, diplomats, senior army and civil servants including former Army Chief, former RAW Chief and former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and others, all high profile personalities. Continue Reading…

Excelsior columnist Dr. Pandita gets Padma Shri

see our today’s text on Geopolitical Analysis.

Another joke with the Pandits

By K.N. Pandita

Both the Houses of J&K Legislative Assembly have adopted a one sentence “unanimous” resolution saying. “all the political parties should put in all out efforts at their disposal for creating a conducive atmosphere for the safe return of all the migrants especially Kashmiri Pandits, who had to migrate from Kashmir valley to other parts of the country under difficult circumstances”. Continue Reading…

Kashmir: from private kingdom to private jagir

By K.N. Pandita

Four month-long paralyzing strike in Kashmir has hardly subsided when the saboteurs have raked up another issue which is likely to proliferate and revive the strike syndrome in the valley. The beginning of chila-e- kalan on Christmas Eve would be a propitious day to begin the seventy day long chila strike in Kashmir.

The centripetal point for the chila-strike will be the issue of domicile certificates to 1947 refugees of partition of India stranded in Jammu region. Continue Reading…

Lettre to the Editor DE

Dear Sir,

This is with reference of B.L. Saraf’s write-up “Sinha’s Mission Kashmir’ (DE 15 Dec). The writer has tried to remind Sinha delegation known and unknown dimensions of their “conciliation” mission in Kashmir. Sinha has been the former foreign minister. It is one thing to be a minister and something else to be a social scientist embarking on the mission of understanding a community which carries on its back the multi-faceted historical baggage like the five thousand years of Indo-Aryan civilization, nearly eight hundred years of extra-territorial socio-cultural orientation, a century of non-local hegemony, fifty years of phony and feigned democracy, twenty-five years of visiting jihad and a plethora of mauled, mutilated and distorted historical fund. This cumbersome psychological baggage of Kashmiris has rendered them unable to decide what they want. Their state of mind is best explained by a verse of Mirza Ghalib: jata hun thori dur har ek rahrav ke sath/pahchanta nahin hun abhi rahbarko main. Vajpayee like Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru was one of “rahrav” Kashmiris travelled with, and now they are travelling with Hurriyatis. Wish you well Mr. Yashwant Sinha and Co.

K.N. Pandita, Jammu

A State with trilateral power centre

By K.N. Pandita

The Dawn of December 6 published full length statement of Nafees Zakaria, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman that dealt with current Indo-Pak relations focusing on Kashmir issue.

Many flaws are seen in the statement. As it flashlights some new aspects of relationship, it would be in fitness of things to put the record straight.
The statement begins with inviting world community’s attention to India’s “abuse of human rights in Kashmir”. Continue Reading…

Fidayeen attack on strategic Nagrola base

By K.N. Pandita

Fidayeen attack on 166 Artillery Unit of the Army stationed just three kilometers from the Headquarter of 16 Corps, resulting in the martyrdom of seven army personnel including two officers, raises many disturbing questions which the army top brass and the Defence Minister will have to answer. This is notwithstanding the great sacrifices our valiant soldiers are making while fighting Pakistani fidayeen. Defence Ministry will come out with its version of the story of this daring attack but anybody with serious interest in the security of the nation will do his exercise of dispassionately analyzing the entire event of much consequence. Continue Reading…