Letter to the Editor

Times of India, New Delhi

Democracy in Pakistan

Dear Sir,

Sumit Ganguly (ToI, 7 Jan 2008) has left out (hopefully only inadvertently) the most glaring yet least talked about instance of lament on India’s rule of law. I mean extirpation and ethnic cleansing from the Valley of Kashmir of four hundred thousand souls of Hindu minority community in 1990.  As for Pakistan, the presumed failure of her political and civil institutions is only a myth. Pakistan was created as a home for the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent. Her civil, political and military institutions being in strict conformity with prescribed Islamic model are solid and perfectly functional with no need to ape Westminster brand. She is not the only State dogged by on an going crisis. Others, too, had their share, and, like them, Pakistan will brave the storm only to emerge stronger and more confident of her march to solidarity and strength. The talk of a failed Pakistani State shows how much ignorant we are about Islamic history and civilization.

K.N. Pandita, New Delhi, by e-mail.

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