Letter to the Editor

Times of India, New Delhi

Our tennis celebrity

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your editorial ‘Sania Drops Out’ (ToI, 6 Feb). In view of her gross misbehaviour, Sania left herself with no option but to decline playing in Bangalore Open. As a good Muslim, she knows that baring body even in part is disallowed for a Muslim woman. A mosque is a pious religious place and is not meant for anybody including a celebrity to make use of for TV ads meant to mint money. And Indian tradition hates showing disrespect to the national flag by making any sort of body gesture howsoever remote or subtle. Sania cannot pretend to be ignorant. And finally, she is only 29 in international merit list of tennis players, which is nothing outstanding. We appreciate her talent but why project her out of proportion? Your shifting the matter to the “game of competitive intolerance” speaks of your duplicity. You must support one of the two options; respect for religion and its tenets in entirety or irrelevance of religion in contemporary society.

Kashinath Pandita, New Delhi,

(By airmail), Feb 6, 2008.

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