Letter to the Editor

ToI – Kashmir Politics

By K.N. Pandita, New Delhi


Balraj Puri’s ‘The Kashmir question’ (ToI  April 18) needs a second look.  Musharraf’s defeat at the polls was a foregone conclusion not only with the Kashmiris but also with all Pak watchers anywhere in the world.  Sharp reaction of Kashmir mainstream leadership, separatists and militant leaders to Zardari’s ‘cold store’ statement should open the eyes of New Delhi to harsh realities of ground situation in Kashmir. The new government in Islamabad has its eye sharply focused on country’s foreign policy of which Kashmir is the core element.  Pugwash, funded by Farooq Kathwari, the American business tycoon of Kashmiri origin, is carrying forward the agenda of Kathwari Plan – a rehash of Owen Dixon Plan -. Kashmir separatists did not participate in its March meet in Pakistan because Kathwari Plan ignores the fundamental objective of the militant organizations of a united original Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Deoband ulema issued anti-terrorism edict not to please India (in Kashmir) or the US but just because terrorists had come to the brink of annihilating the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Mind you the edict was against terrorism and not against dictatorship and autocracy, which are actually responsible for the destruction of Pakistan. Terrorist threat has not subsided; the Baluch issue is alive and so is the Paktun issue.

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