Jammu fed up with Valley

This letter to the Editor was lready published on The Pioneer of Delhi, on August 5, 2008.

By KN Pandita, New Delhi,

This refers to the editorial, “Jammu on boil” (August 4). Congratulations for a down-to-earth, outspoken and razor-sharp analysis of the situation in Jammu, its roots and its repercussions. Seldom do commentators muster courage to be honest and bold in telling the nation the facts of the situation in Jammu & Kashmir. This is a dangerous result of appeasing Muslims. It has to be noted that the ongoing agitation in Jammu is a powerful prelude to the separation of Jammu province and, in the process, of other two provinces as well, thanks to communal and regional bias of the rulers in Srinagar and New Delhi.

The sooner the Indian civil society presses hard for trifurcation of the State the better are the chances of saving Jammu from the onslaught of communalists and separatists. Declare Ladakh a Union Territory (people of Ladakh have been crying for it for decades); give greater autonomy to Kashmir Valley and carve out Jammu as a separate State or a confederating State with Himachal Pradesh. This is the solution of the Kashmir problem. How long will the Central leadership go on appeasing Muslims of the Valley and using the national exchequer to fill their pockets? Let spurious political leaders of Kashmir be cut to size. If this is not done, very soon the day will come when there will be Red Army in Ladakh, Green Army in Kashmir and Safron Army in Jammu.

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