Put the record straight in Kashmir

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to ‘This is Kashmir baiting … ‘ etc. by Mr. Sajad Lone (Aug 9). Inaccuracies need to be corrected. Hindus have been worshipping Amreshwara Swamin/Amarnath Swami (Rajatarangini) for thousands of years. Yatra to the cave was suspended when mediaeval Kashmir Sultans and Sayyids of foreign origin unleashed tyranny and persecution against Hindus. That a Muslim Malik re-discovered the cave two hundred years ago is a tribute to the tenacity of powerful pre-Islamic Kashmiri clans of fame like the Maliks and Lavanyas (Lone) of not shedding their cultural and historical bonds even after accepting an imported faith.

The people in the valley started anti-Hindu demonstrations only after Mufti Saeed-Gilani nexus followed by NC Patron instigated them through their inconsiderate public utterances. These leaders survive on religious inflammability of their people. The meaning of “fanaticism” is better explained by the words and deeds of Mahbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah through their invectives in the parliament.

The people of Jammu are part and parcel of the assorted population of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. If Jammu people have nothing to do with the Kashmir-based land deal, then the valley-based Muslims have nothing to do with majority groups in Doda, Bhaderwah, Rajouri and Poonch districts because there is nothing common between them culturally, linguistically, ethnically, geographically and even historically. The on-going movement in Jammu region is people’s movement for self-assertion. Kashmir valley has been ethnically cleansed of Hindus and any demonstration there is wholly community based far from any secular semblance. The real culprits of ongoing tribulation in the State are Governor Vohra, and the three mainstream political party chiefs in the valley. The canard of so-called “economic blockade” of the valley is reminiscent of a much more ridiculous canard of Governor Jagmohan contriving exodus of the Pandits.

Unfortunately, rumour–mongering is an old trait of Kashmiri character going back to the antiquity of Hindu rule. Economic blockade is made when a region is in revolt against the state or behaves belligerently towards the state. Valley-based majority group has been making subtle efforts to change the demographic complexion of Jammu region. After ethnically cleansing Pandits from the valley, they have grabbed thousands of kanals of state forest land in the suburbs of Jammu city, like Bhatindi, Sanjwan, Narwal, Top, Janipur, Gujjar Nagar and Siddhra, mostly without paying either the cost or rent or taking the prime land on nominal rent. Nearly twenty-seven thousand Kashmiri Muslims have settled in Jammu and its periphery and the local people never showed any resentment despite the fact that most of the terrorist were hauled up from thee localities.

K.N. Pandit, Jammu.

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