Don’t administer under frustration

By K.N. Pandit

The two-month-long Jammu logjam, and land related happenings in the valley are events of much historical consequence.  Definitely Jammu’s resurgence will have much to do with the shaping of future events in the state.

The news of a compromise brought relief to the beleaguered people of the region.  There is no sense in suppressing the instinct of celebrating the success of the struggle.

State administration headed by the government seems to be functioning in utter panic. It panicked when a couple of thousand of people in the valley brought out protest rallies, and without a second thought the Governor rescinded the land deal order.

Now that a compromise has been reached at, again the administration seems to give in to panic. Knowing that people would deliberate the success of their agitation in a big way, the government reacted in a shoddy and crude manner so as to betray its total inexperience and inefficiency of dealing with such situations.

The government made a curious statement. It advised the Sangharsh Samiti not to bring out celebration rallies because as it said “the terrorists had sneaked into Jammu and they could do big harm to public rallies”.

Who will buy this nonsense? Is infiltration on such a large scale that millions of Jammuites assembling here and there are in the throes of being attacked by terrorists?

If it is so, what have been the security forces doing? Why impose curfew on the very day on which the people wanted to celebrate the victory? Have things come to this pass that millions of people rallying to celebrate a big achievement are to be locked inside their homes because a couple of terrorists are on the prowl?

And if the threat of a large scale attack is their in truth, why does not the government form civil defense committees, arm them with weapons, and deploy them for the defence of civilian targets with a round the clock watch?

Jammuites are among the most nationalist people of the country. They are also proud of the fine record of their brave soldiers and officers in protecting the country against the attacks of the enemy. The Dogra soldier is among the proudest soldiers of Indian army. It is regrettable that the Jammu youth with such vibrant spirit should be asked to sit sheepishly inside their homes because a handful of terrorists are prowling around.

It is time that New Delhi has a seriously reviews the continuation of the present governor in office. He has not proved to be competent enough to handle the delicate State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Furthermore, the very fact that under the compromise formula, the Governor will be withdrawing his own order of cancellation of land deal, it is in very bad taste to let him continue in his office. It is tantamount to degrading the high office of the Governor who is representing the President of India.

The Governor has earned displeasure of one and all. Political parities are dissatisfied, Sangharsh Samiti is dissatisfied and the administration is scoff at his policy decisions.  A Governor, whose integrity has been ridiculed by the people he governs, has no right to be in the office. Normalcy will be immensely strengthened once he is asked to quit office.

What happened at the end of the day was that the government suffered further humiliation by witnessing the failure of its writ of curfew in Jammu.

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