Game of trilateral hypocrisy

Published in The Tribune, by K.N. Pandita – This has reference to M.L. Kak’s report “APHC keen on talks despite threat” (July 23). The internally displaced Pandits are an abysmally divided house, lacking united leadership. Talks with any one or a few of these will have no legitimacy whatsoever. The participating Pandits should have anticipated the consequences of their misadventure. This was precisely what some of the Pandit leaders had stated in advance.

Moreover, it was a game of trilateral hypocrisy. The APHC is as much hypocritical in dealing with the Pandits as the Pandits are in dealing with them. The Hurriyat’s claim to popularity in the valley stands falsified by the threats of insurgents handed over to the Pandits. This is only the beginning of the long march.
The PDP government has, with shrewdness, scored a point in exposing the APHC not directly but through the Pandit factor. In the process, it has also exposed the divided Pandits as well, thus conveying a silent message to New Delhi that the Pandit lot is not worthy of attention.

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