Letter to the editor – Pakistani captive

Editor D.E

Dear Sir

Mystery is deepening about Pakistani captive Naveed. Information trickling down from sources suggests that he has been making sensational revelation of Pakistan’s terror machine. Details of these revelations may or may not come in the media; that is not really important because Pakistan’s anti-India mission is well known.  

However, the real importance of Naveed case is the revelations he will be making directly or indirectly about local conduits who were accomplices in the planning and execution of his mission. Grapevine has it that many known politicos, bureaucrats and police functionaries
are involved. It is also said that his revelations may indicate a widespread underground sabotaging activity going on in Kashmir. The one and only one question that is to be answered is who are you going to trust in Kashmir? The ground situation is that the land is with us
but not the people.

The much talked about Track II or the NSA talks, the Ufa sideline talks etc. all this is humbug and nonsense. Either stop talking to anybody in Pakistan or if you have to talk, talk to her Generals and forget the pawns on the Pakistan’s political chessboard. They are a mix of charlatans and jokers.
K.N. Pandita

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