Letter to the Editor – Rehabilitation of IDPs

Editor, Daily Excelsior

Dear Sir,
Apropos news item ‘Centre not averse to composite rehabilitation etc.’ (DE 13 Nov), rehabilitation agencies seem to enjoy the sadism of issuing confusing and contradictory statements. We want to remove confusion as far as our stand on rehabilitation is concerned. Evidently, proposed 6,000 flats will be for accommodating 3000+ IDP employees. That does not make a township. The concept of twin-city is very different from a habitat. The two have to be differentiated. The portion of funds from PM Modi’s package is to be utilized for the twin-city and not for flats. The State government must clarify how many families of Pandit and non-Pandit IDPs have to be rehabilitated and whether land has been identified for their settlement and how much and where. Pandit organizations, led by JKNM, have proposed twin-city adjacent to Srinagar for composite rehabilitation. Padgaonkar Team Interlocutors strongly recommended this module in their final report to the Home Ministry. Valley press has given it coverage. The idea actually originated with Mufti Muhammad Sayeed during his first stint in office. The proposal accommodates interests of all stakeholders. About 34,000 internally displaced Pandit families have to be rehabilitated. We have proposed a twin-city spread over one lakh kanals of land to accommodate 34,000 Pandit displaced families and non-Pandit displaced families whatever their number somewhere near or next to the Damodar Wudar airport. We have neither proposed nor favoured an exclusive township; we have not touched on the issue of accommodation for employees. That is an administrative matter, which the government would be addressing separately.
K.N. Pandita
Convener JKNM

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