Kashmir unrest in lighter vein

By K.N. Pandita

On-going Kashmir hullabaloo has some comic sides as well. It is not from sublime to ridicule but from ridicule to ultra ridicule.

Prime Minister did not make any public statement on unrest. He did not react on the death of 47 persons and injuries inflicted on nearly 3,000 persons half of them policemen. Handlers of strike command say they will not withdraw rallies and protests because Modi is unresponsive.

Curfew was lifted temporarily in downtown, the epicenter of insurgency and with that, fresh protests, stone throwing and slogan mongering were resumed. Security forces and police allowed them full day of hurling abuses on Indians and also those who did not join them in the mad show.

Frenzied mobs ran after the police van carrying seriously wounded policemen to civil hospital for treatment. The mobs wanted to snatch the wounded policemen and kill them on spot. Somehow the police seniors managed to turn round and take their wounded to the military hospital. Militant leadership called it anti-Islamic act not to handover the wounded policemen to the mobs.

Water tanks carrying water to the hospital were attacked and tube deflated. Its driver was given a sound beating. Militant leaders said they would not forget Kerbala.

Doctors accompanying the wounded in hospital van made fervent requests to the mobs not to pelt stones on the van as there were wounded people. The mob did not listen. The driver of the van opened an ISIS flag and hoisted it atop the van. Mobs sent flying kisses to the flag.

Mirwaiz Malawi Omar Farooq says he does not know who the people are who flutter ISIS and Pakistani flags in streets and in rallies. Naeem Khan has also made the same statement.

The so-called aazaadi movement has slipped out of the hands of traditional leadership, the two factions of Hurriyat, JKLF and other groups. Younger and radicalized generation of Kashmiri youth has almost rejected traditional leadership. To Geelani they say to pray God at the fag end of his life and to Malawi Farooq they say remain confined to Jama Masjid sermons.

Hafiz Saeed the supremo of LeT said in Faisalabad in a public rally that the coffin of slain Burhan in Tral was lifted by “our commander Abu Dujan on his shoulders”. He added that he received a telephonic call from Asiya Andrabi, the notorious Kashmiri supremo of women’s wing of HM, requesting for support to the movement. “I have immediately sent our men within three days from Faisalabad to Kashmir”, said the master terrorist.

Most among the saner elements of Kashmir valley society says that the secret hand of NC, Congress and Jamaat-i-Islami is behind this mass protest and they function on directions coming from across the border.

Rahul Gandhi is said to have visited some Kashmiri wounded youth admitted to the AIIMS in New Delhi. Close associates say he presented them some ISIS flags as a gift. When he was told to visit the wounded policemen and soldiers also in the same hospital, he excused himself saying he had forgotten to bring Congress flags with him for presentation.

While this is going on the ground, Provincial Congress chief Mir has met with the high command and conveyed the ground situation in Kashmir. Sonia Gandhi has come out with expression of deep sorrow for the people who got killed. When asked what she had to say to the militants with guns, she said is reported to have said that the militants in Kashmir were the RSS goons as revealed by GN Azad.

Home Minister has not made any commitment or concession after his two-day interaction with various sections of people in Kashmir. The Cent re is going in neutral gear, a policy which Kashmiris are witnessing for the first time. They have decided not to be on talking terms with Rajnath Singh.

Pakistan feels time is opportune to bestir international community. It has shot letters to Security Council and UN Secretary General and many other organizations including OIC. Writing to OIC is the joke of the year. PoK activists in Geneva and Washington have displayed videos and pictures of bribes being distributed among the people going to vote.

Mian Nawaz, speaking in Muzaffarabad after his party’s success was announced said he is waiting for the day when Kashmir becomes Pakistan. He expressed this cherished desire amidst mass protest against recent elections in PoK. Reportedly five crore rupees were given to each nominee of MNL-N party candidate.

In seven decade long wait for Kashmir to become Pakistan, Pakistan has already lost one half of the country. By the time Pakistan comes anywhere close to getting Kashmir, Baluchistan and Sind will have established their independence and Gwadar will be the non-official capital China’s eastern province of Xingjian.

UN Secretary General has desired India to observe restraint in Kashmir. So is the pontification of Obama regime. India is reported to be preparing a dossier of Pakistan’s atrocities in Baluchistan, Sind, Gilgit and Batiste and even in PK, and hand it over to a Baluch delegation to circulate it among all foreign embassies in Pakistan.

Nearer Kashmir, for the first time New Delhi has adopted the right attitude to mobocracy of the separatists. It has remained neutral and non-committal. Terrorism will be fought. That s the simple formula. No court of inquiry, no expression of regrets, no condolences, no need to supplicate separatists leaders for withdrawing call for strike; Rabble rousers talk among themselves that if this is the strategy of the government in Delhi then they should not break their relations with their paymasters in Delhi.

Mehbooba Mufti says that she was not in favour of killing Burhan. Will this dramatics make her secure in the chair of chief minister? Fraternizing with militants has boomeranged.

Stone throwers have formed a branch of terrorist group calling itself Sangbaaz Association. They have issued posters all over the city forbidding girls from riding scooty. It says any girl found riding a scooty, will be harshly dealt with; she will be burnt along with scooty.

It is reliably learnt that Asia Andrabi, the woman leader of HM has sent a request to the Environmental Ministry of Saudi Arabia to export three thousand camels to Kashmir to be used as women transport to honestly revive the tradition of the ancient land of Islam.

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