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Submitted to the All Party Parliamentary Delegation on 5 Sept 2016  

.50p K.N. Pandita Vienna 04.

1. JKNM strongly believes that resolution of Kashmir dispute is possible by addressing its three main aspects viz.

  • (a) Restoration of the territories of the original State of J&K
  • (b) Return and rehabilitation of displaced persons of 1947 tribal attack at their respective places of origin, and
  • (c) Reversal of ethnic cleansing of Kashmir Valley.

2. JKNM believes the current situation of unrest in Kashmir Valley is part of blackmailing agenda of the separatists and secessionists of the valley overtly and covertly supported by external enemy and internal ambivalent elements. For the first time in past seven decades, the new form of blackmail linked to jihadist terrorism, is resisted by the nation.

3. JKNM believes that return and rehabilitation of the ethnically cleansed religious minority in Kashmir would be a step in the direction of restoring and securing secular democratic ethos of the Indian nation as well as the State society.

4. In view of the rise of armed insurgency in Kashmir in 1990 and its consequent Wahhabization of valley society, where not only Pakistani but even ISIS flags are seen fluttering freely, the internally displaced community of Kashmiri Hindus/Pandits have suggested restitution in one inclusive, concentrated habitat in the valley. The concept of a composite and inclusive twin-city is supported by:

  • (a) The recommendations of the UN Human Rights Working Group on IDPs
  • (b) Recommendation of the Dilip Padgaonkar Committee of Interlocutors for Kashmir. The site proposed by the Committee is eastern part of District Budgam in the karewa (ridge) extending from Humhama eastwards or the present airport area in Srinagar. They even proposed the name of the new township as Nov Srinagar.
  • (c) Common sense of providing an environment in which groups of people contributing to various faiths and ideologies can find an opportunity of rebuilding bonds of mutual trust for peaceful coexistence.


(Dr. Kashinath Pandita)
Convener, JKNM

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