Letter to the Editor – Talk to Pakistan

After exhausting their anti-India steam about on-going turmoil in the valley, Omar Abdullah and his father are pontificating for talks with Pakistan and warning India of the consequences of a war which could become nuclear catastrophe. It is Pakistan Defence Minister who openly said his country would use small local nuclear bombs gifted to her by China. The duo finds it easy and harmless to dole pieces of advice to India what she should do. But they exhibit rank cowardice in not telling the traitors and seditionists in Kashmir to throw away their guns which have failed against security forces but succeeded in putting thousands of Kashmiris to their graves. Pakistan attacked our army camp in Uri and killed 18 soldiers. Farooq, out of his instinct of cowardice and duplicity, a trait of Sheikh family character, wants talks with terrorists. Asking for talks is a plea which Farooq et al think will keep them endeared to masses of people who have already rejected him and his party. His lament is not for peace but for power. Secondly, did not Farooq in 1974 take up a gun in his hand jointly with Amanullah/Abdul Khaliq Ansari in Mirpur vowing to fight India and win freedom? If he and his son are enamoured of talks with Pakistan, why don’t they take the Salamabad LoC crossing and go and talk to GHQ and then Islamabad? Who stops them from such an adventure if they really man to remove the stranglehold thrown by Pakistan round the neck of Kashmiris? India will welcome it. But knowing what humiliation his father suffered at the hands of General Ayub Khan when the sheikh visited Pakistan in 1964, Farooq has no guts to go and talk to GHQ. This exposes his bluff of asking India to talk to Pakis.

Again, Soz, the lonely “Congress” leader deftly sidelined by Azad at the Congress High Command, in a two year long battle of interests, thinks India should not violate Indus Water Treaty as it has the sanction of World Bank. Did not the Shimla Agreement have the seal of Pakistani Parliament and yet has not Pakistan bluntly and shamefacedly violated it by its Kashmir perfidy. Even the UN had endorsed the Shimla Treaty and still Pak broke it not once but numerous times and continues to do so. Why does not the discredited Congress leader ever speak of that? No poe on earth ca stop India from breaking the Indus Water Treaty. It is not sacrosanct.

Dear NC and Congress stalwarts of Kashmir, the days of blackmail are gone. You are face to face with your Frankenstein. God help you.
K.N. Pandita

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