Agenda for Omar Abdullah government

By K.N. Pandita

The coalition government led by Omar Abdullah would do well to govern the strife-torn state with a new thinking and approach. It should engage the people of the state, particularly of the valley, in a serious and meaningful debate on the wisdom of state’s accession to the Indian Union in 1947. The government, in collaboration with willing political parties, should institutionalise this effort by engaging the masses of people in sustained free intellectual interaction at numerous study centres spread all over the state. The government may need to create a new Department of Public Awareness.

Economy being the mainstay of good governance, Omar Abdullah’s should make a departure from the policy of previous regimes of tenaciously holding on to an exclusivist policy under the far-fetched assumption that non-state investments would adversely affect state’s identity.  In view of globalisation, Omar Abdullah’s government should open doors for multinationals and investors to propose, plan and invest in big developmental projects in the state that brings it on industrial map of the country. Besides providing employment to large number of people, the quality of life has to be raised.

Lastly, keeping in mind that unity in diversity is fundamental to nation’s social-political structure emphasis has to be not only on unity but also on diversity. Recognizing diversity as a positive element in the construct of identity, the idea of three regional councils with adequate constitutional, administrative and financial space would immensely strengthen the fabric of the heterogeneous society of Jammu and Kashmir.  (Dr. K.N. Pandita).

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