Letter to the Editor – Modi and Kashmir issue

Editor DE

Dear Sir,
All countrymen including CM Mehbooba rightly recognize PM Modi as a strong leader with massive mandate (DE May 7). But we don’t think it is he can solve Kashmir issue. The real key to solution is the people of Kashmir. Owing to deliberate misleading by local leadership, Kashmiri youth have been fed with many falsehoods and hatred against India. The job of pulling Kashmiri youth out of the morass of falsehood spread by its own leaders is of the Chief Minister, her council of ministers and elected representatives of her party and the coalition party. They must start a mass campaign of nullification of falsehood among the people. They have to tell them two short sentences as the fundamentals of Kashmir situation. These are (1) India will never let Kashmir go either independent or to Pakistan. The simple reason is that Pakistan tried to grab it by force of arms in 1947 and failed. (2) India has given the State a democratic and secular system of governance. It is for the people of Kashmir to see how best they can build their country in this type of political dispensation. But we know that Kashmir political leadership of all hues is ambivalent, deceptive and blind to the vision of bright Kashmir. They are performing a negative and destructive role under the rubric of faith. These self-styled leaders have tremendous capacity of self-delusion. Time will trample them under its rolling wheel no matter whether militancy continues for a century or half. Vajpayee failed because he failed to understand the truth behind these two points and erroneously thought that Kashmir’s solution lay in Pakistan. That was political naivety.
K.N. Pandita

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