The bombast of permanent solution

By K.N. Pandita

Home Minster’s emphatic statement that the Centre is working on permanent and final solution of Kashmir tangle is a departure from usual rhetoric of Delhi political bosses. His statement has created ripples in the Dal Lake.

Congress spokesman jumped on his feet and demanded that Home Minister elucidate the concept of permanent solution of a problem which is of its own creation. Restricted accession, 1947 war, Article 370, insensitivity towards atrocities on valley minority, various Accords, coalition governments, out of way packages, out of way scholarships and reservations, compromising with subversive activities of seditionists, fraternizing with killers of Pandits etc. all speak eloquently how Congress willingly surrendered to Kashmirian blackmail from day one.

For seventy long years, Congress went on adding complicacy upon complicacy to the issue and now it shamefully wants Rajnath Singh to spill the beans. Kashmir question is the result of deep and destructive conspiracy hatched by Congress-NC combine over a long period of years to destroy Kashmiris.

The Congress spokesman said about ideological chasm between PDP and BJP. In other words, he meant to say that there is ideological compatibility between Congress and NC. Was the Sheikh’s conspiracy with the Americans for becoming the Sultan of Kashmir true or false? It was true because Congress removed him. So where did the compatibility evaporate in thin air? Why was Bakhshi Kamarajed in 1962 and Sadiq brought in? Why Qasim was most unconstitutionally sidelined and the Sheikh brought in? Why the removal of Farooq and replacement by Gulla Shah? Why removal of Gulla Shah and replacement by Farooq again? What drama has the Congress been performing in Kashmir?

After NC rigged elections in 1986 and persecuted MUF, Congress came forward to join hands with it; the two formed coalition government. When in 1990, MUF boys returned from PoK/Pakistan after receiving training and arms, and raised insurrection in Kashmir, the combined government of NC-Congress demonstrated its disgraceful cowardice and unworthiness by quitting the government and leaving the people in the hands of marauders. Their party bosses ran away from the valley and hid in Jammu where they began hobnobbing with Kashmir based gun wielders. Their boss flew to UK to play golf. Yes that is their “Ideological compatibility”.

Dissenting voices within the country are raised loud about ongoing chaos in Kashmir. All anti-national elements came together at Srinagar conclave to legitimize subversion and sedition, subversion and treason/

Kashmir ground situation has worsened ever since Modi government came to power. The reason is very simple. Modi refused to surrender to Kashmiri blackmail, a phenomenon abetted, supported and followed by Congress for too long a time. Congressites make no secret of their vendetta against Modi, and one of them even travelled to Pakistan to beg Nawaz Sharif to throw out Modi government so that the path is paved for Pakistan’s Kashmir ambition. This is the shameless political class that has created and fomented Kashmir issue. Jaichand is dead his progeny survives.

On Kashmir issue, Congress always showed sympathy and non-resistance to Indian Left’s Adhikari’s theory on Kashmir. The Indian Left did not long for actual power, yet it did constantly nurse its lust for influence as the king maker. Today, the Left is as much dedicated to Adhikari theory and dismemberment of J&K as it ever has been viz. Kashmir should go to Pakistan on the basis of two-nation theory.

All anti-national forces, whether the Left or other ideological variants in the country, have come together to defend the seditionists and traitors in Kashmir. Congress is in the forefront. There is no dearth of sections of Indian media that vigorously cater to anti-Modi propaganda spree. That shows media sell out.

The situation in Kashmir had to deteriorate. Today the State of Jammu and Kashmir exists only in name. Entire political class of the valley is ambivalent, deceptive and disruptionist. State organs have been subverted to the bone. Administration is totally communalized. Not a single developmental project takes off. Centrally sponsored projects are covertly and overtly scuttled and subverted to minimize, rather nullify Indian presence. The only thing to which entire administration is committed is of general loot of public money and trust at the hands of functionaries. No administrative authority is interested in running the administration along normal course. Discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh persists with all ferocity. Army men, security personnel and police force are getting killed for no purpose dear to the State government and its leadership. The valley drowns in mourning when a terrorists is liquidated but when an innocent Lt. Umar is kidnapped and killed, not a tear is shed not a sigh is heaved. What type of bipeds are you dealing with?

The army, the most prestigious army in the world is trivialized by Kashmir political bosses. Their thanklessness shames humanity. The souls of heroes like Col Roy, Major Somnath Sharma, Havildar Hamid, Brigadier Osman and others must be turning in their heavenly abode and asking for whom did they die?

Kashmiris have launched civil unrest demanding Pakistan; their leadership is devoutly though covertly helping them in these designs. Whatever anti-India and Pan-Islamic rhetoric Farooq had been exuding on the eve of parliamentary election in Srinagar is the same idiom which Mehbooba Mufti used prior to 2002. If the situation has deteriorated ever since Mehbooba came to power, the cause of it has to be searched in how she had been patronizing the seditionists and traitors when she formed the PDP in 1998. She must reap the whirlwind as she has sown the wind. How does she expect to have a peaceful day in her office without giving away the pound of flesh to the traitors she nurtured? All of them have combined to destroy Kashmir and Kashmiri nation thanks to lions, tigers, jackals and ostriches of Kashmir.

Rajnath Singh is right in declaring that a final and permanent solution will come. It should come. The seven – decade old blackmail should come to an end, and Kashmiris have to be denied the option of blackmailing India, Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Some options, though hard ones, have to be thought over. First option is Union Territory status for entire Ladakh, Greater Jammu Status/Duggar Desh for Jammu region with addition of large chunks of Chamba and the Shivaliks, and self-rule for Kashmir Valley. Self – rule for the valley means recognizing accession for only three items as stated in the Instrument of Accession. That will entail withdrawal of Article 370, withdrawal of the jurisdiction of all Central institutions like Supreme Court, CAG, EC, Passport Office, optionalizing all central developmental schemes and withdrawal of financial commitments, annulment of J&K Constitution for the regions of Ladakh and Jammu and freedom to the valley to amend or recast its constitution as it likes. However, three heads as stated in the instrument of accession will remain in force for the autonomous region of Kashmir Valley. The Valley will have the right to establish relations with neighbours as it likes particularly transport, trade and cultural relations provided it does not imperil the sovereignty of the Indian State. All Union government Paramilitaries will be withdrawn and the army will maintain security only on the border. Indian Services like IAS, IFS, IPS etc, all will be withdrawn. Financial assistance from the Centre will be only to the extent of matching funds raised by the valley administration by way of taxes and levies etc. UGC’s jurisdiction over the State universities will come to an end and the Valley administration will fend for itself.

However, in this arrangement Kashmir Valley Autonomous Region will have to make specific provision and commitment to the Union Government that (i) overland road connectivity to Ladakh will be assured (ii) a detailed scheme of rehabilitation, security and economic viability of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits will be incorporated in the new or modified constitution of the Kashmir Valley Autonomous Region. (iii) In an event of Pakistan launching an attack on the Kashmir Valley Autonomous Region or on Indian army guarding the borders, entire civilian administrative system will be put in freeze and the valley will come under the command of the Indian Army Chief fully and exclusively.

The other option for Rajnath Singh is to take time and prepare for a massive military action in which capturing Muzaffarabad and the Kishan Ganga Valley will be the target. Some preparation will have to be made to create support of all anti-Pak elements in all parts of PoK, and Gilgit and Baltistan as was done in Bangladesh war so that when Indian army launches massive attack, public in those areas come to welcome them.

It is possible that Pakistan will retaliate by declaring war on India in that situation. If it does, let us see. We are here. And that will be the beginnings of changing the map of Asia and the sub-continent. Indian and Afghan forces will celebrate the new Asian map over a victory dinner in Peshawar.

Finally, holding talks with Kashmir seditionists and traitors in Srinagar is neither desirable nor sensible. Men talk to men not to bags of straw. And if the talks have to be held, these should be in Urumchi in Xinjiang, for which Beijing will issue visas (not on separate sheet) to Kashmir traitors and their Uighur Wahhabi families will keep them their guests, From China’s side Maulana Azhar of JeM, whom China has been shielding at UN, will receive them at the airport.

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