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Daily Excelsior, August 2, 2017 – Nawaz Sharief’s ouster


This has reference to the piece titled Coup Instigator by Shri B.L. Saraf (DE 2 Aug). The writer, himself a legal luminary, has rightly touched on the subject of the credibility of Pakistan judiciary particularly the Supreme Court. History of Pakistani judiciary shows us that at many times judges of the Supreme Court have behaved in a partisan manner. It is not uncommon for a court of law to err at times in pronouncing judgement and Pakistani courts are no exception. But the point we want to make is not of error but of pressures from the army—the real power house in Pakistan. In a number of highly significant judgements, some of the Justices of the Supreme Court have, after their retirement, conceded that the verdict was given under pressure from the official circles. This was true in the case of death sentence given to Bhutto.

It has to be noted that two out of three members of the JIT to which investigation of Panamagate case was referred by the Pakistani Supreme Court were army men. What impartiality could Nawaz Sharief expect from them? Moreover, Pakistan army suspected Nawaz Sharief as protagonist of peaceful relations with India. We may recollect that when Narendra Modi invited SAARC heads, including Nawaz Sharief for participation in his oath taking ceremony in 2014, Pakistan army was at pains to let Nawaz Sharief participate. Moreover, the visits of Indian steel tycoon Jindal to Nawaz Sharief were closely tracked by ISI and some Pakistani newspapers tried to raise the rabble. Modi’s private jaunt to Lahore to felicitate Nawaz Sharief on the occasion of the marriage of latter’s daughter was loudly spoken about in Pakistani media as something fishy. Nawaz Sharief’s written presentation before the UN General Assembly meet in which he had raised the Kashmir issue was actually the revised text given to him by the army at the eleventh hour which he could not even rightly read. Even Benazir was sacked after she held two meeting with Rajiv Gandhi. In the light of this history Nawaz ouster via the instrument of Supreme Court is understandable.

K.N. Pandita

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