Letter to the Editor – Separate State for Muslims

Daily Excelsior


This refers to the news item “CM denounces demand for separate State for Muslims of India” (DE Feb 1). Mufti Nasir ul Islam cannot be castigated for a demand for separate state for Indian Muslims. The demand formed the core of the agenda of Indian Muslim League during freedom struggle. Not only the British rulers, Congress also negotiated the deal and both conceded the demand of Indian Muslim League obviously believing that a people, more especially a threatened group, have the right to live as they like. This has to be true also in the case of threatened religious minority of Kashmiri Pandits. Therefore Mufti Nasir ul Islam should also announce his support to the Homeland demand of Panun Kashmir.

CM Mufti Mehbooba Mufti says that Kashmir was not a party to the partition of India as it did not believe in two-nation theory. Good God! How soon she forgets that entire Kashmiri Pandit community of over 4 lakh has been extirpated from their homeland in Kashmir at the point of the gun. Isn’t the ethnic cleansing of Kashmir worse than its partitioning?

A very thin line divides Kashmiri Muslims from the rest of the Muslims in India. While Kashmiri Muslims have openly taken up arms and come out on the streets of Kashmir to force India out, Indian Muslims wear a mask to disguise their true intentions and work clandestinely for an Islamic State. We single out a handful of them who hope Indian secular democracy may survive.

Indian Hindus never had a will to have a Hindu State, not during the independence struggle and much less in post-Independence period. A muffled voice for separate State for the Indian Muslims is there with the Congress (via Chidambaram), the Left (via Adhikari), the Christians (via Missionaries), the Dalits (via Mamta) and other dissenting elements. Their voice cannot be stifled and they all will find flourishing in a theocratic Islamic state. As far as the exiled Pandits, those who pose to be their friends are their worst enemies; perhaps many of them will not accept but that is the truth.

K.N. Pandita

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