Letter to the Editor – Advisory body

Daily Excelsior


This refers to the piece titled ‘Advisory body for migrants and refugees’ by Mr. B.L. Saraf (Feb 4) The crux of the write up, if I rightly understand, is that there are various groups of people who fall in the category of migrants and refugees like Kashmiri Pandits, Jammu migrants, POJK and West Pakistan Refugees. The background and history of their displacement is not the same and as such creating one advisory body (omnibus) to address their problems and grievances may not prove a success. There is much weight in the argument.

This notwithstanding, I would like to add that the biggest group of people in the State, call them migrants/displaced/refugees whatever you may, is of the people of the valley of Kashmir who are shifting temporarily to Jammu during Durbar move/winter and immediately on arrival obtain a certificate of Kashmiri migrants and with that become recipients of cash and kind relief from the State government’s authorised agencies. The fact is that at least half of the valley population are now internally displaced persons in Jammu and taken care of by the coalition government. Obviously, it seems that the new 60000 flats which the MHA has sanctioned for migrants will be constructed in Jammu somewhere close to mini-Pak, and allotted to the last category of displaced persons. Evidently, the day is not far away when the entire population of Kashmir valley will have to be treated as IDPS in their own homes and hence provided monthly cash doles by way of relief for leisure migration.

K.N. Pandita

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