Kashmir politicos on the same wavelength

By K.N. Pandit

Maddening media hype allowed to the atrocious treatment of a minor Muslim girl in the village Rassana in Kathua district will cost dare to the ruling BJP. Line of discretion has been crossed in a bid to garner elusive goodwill of the community, which, however, is a sickening subject.

BJP higher echelons have fallen in the trap of a meticulous conspiracy hatched by ISI, Hurriyat and PDP combine. General Secretary Ram Madhav has unwittingly proved his naivety by giving an incoherent and inexperienced interview to electronic media at Jammu.

Essentially, this is an inter-clannish feud of Bakarwal community in the region. The focal point in the narrative is the trumpeted murder of the parents of the victimized girl child that had happened sometimes earlier. One group of the tribal people wanted to grab the property of another family and hence the entire perfidy. State government never showed any urgency of ordering probe into the so-called murder of the parent couple.

The problem with PDP and Congress is that the Gujjars and Bakarwals of J&K have, by and large pandered to nationalist credentials by not openly succumbing to the threats or allurements of the ISI sponsored jihadis or the innuendos of Srinagar-based separatists.

The game plan of PDP is to create a wedge between the Hindus and nomadic communities in Jammu to weaken nationalist fabric in this part of the State. Displaced Hindus and Sikhs from PoK since 1947 are still clamouring for State Subject status while thousands of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis brought from distant Myanmar all the way to Jammu by vested interest under the mask of “oppressed Muslim refugees” have not only been settled here but also provided with Aadhar, PR, PAN and other documents of identification as permanent residents of the State. This shows that the State government led by PDP Chief Minister has no qualms of conscience in shredding Article 370 to pieces. This was done within months. Rehabilitation of renegade terrorists or returnees from PoK is itself a bizarre story.

PDP was born out of the womb of terrorism in Kashmir in 1996. It agreed to a coalition regime with BJP only after assuring the separatists and secessionists, especially the Jamaat-i-Islami – its main vote bank – in Kashmir that once catapulted to the seat of power, it would carry forward the pro-separatists agenda albeit projecting it as soft State policy. Mehbooba is adept in such antics as is evident from her hot and cold addresses and comments.

PDP has forged an understanding of sorts both with the separatists and the opposition NC. The demand for the resignation of two identified cabinet rank ministers of BJP originated with Geelani forcefully supported by Omar Abdullah. It reminds us of the most vociferous demand for removal of Governor Jagmohan in 1990 made by the then Pak Premier Benazir and then V.P. Singh government in Delhi succumbing to it. The history stands repeated in Kathua case.

Mehbooba Mufti is carrying forward her agenda with a meticulous plan. She removed Finance Minster Drabu accusing him of diluting the party line that Kashmir is only a political and not a social issue. This was only a cover since reportedly Drabu’s ouster was insisted upon by Omar Abdullah because Drabu is known for his antipathy towards Sheikh Abdullah dynasty. By maintaining that Kashmir is a political issue, PDP Chairperson gives legitimacy to her relentless demand for Indo-Pak talks. In this she is on the same wavelength with Omar Abdulla, his father Farooq and the Hurriyatis in whose footsteps Farooq (now MP) declared he would be walking henceforth.

What does her instructions to the State police mean that it should not evict the tribal population if it has grabbed state forest land anywhere in Jammu? Ordinarily, the High Court of J&K should have initiated a suo moto case against her for contempt of court. She gives incentive to the migratory population of Gujjars and Bakarwals of Jammu to settle down in the forcibly occupied state land in Kathua district and thus bring about change in district’s demographic complexion since Kathus is the only district in Jammu with outright Hindu predominance.

The systematic way in which the coalition government has encouraged dotting of Jammu city peripheries with concentration by valley and Jammu rural Muslims has considerably reduced the Hindu majority status of the capital city. The government provides these new and exclusive Muslim habitats in the peripheries of Jammu with maximum civic facilities.

What baffles patriotic citizens of J&K is the spirit of accommodation of the Indian State towards the separatists’ known objectives. Policy of the Government of India seems to have transformed into an internal support structure for Muslim separatism. It is evident from the media hype given to an atrocious event without going into its nicer aspects of planning and execution. This separatism is sustained as much through the incentives given by the governments in the State and the centre, as by the support coming from across the border. Subversive proposals like the Dixon formula, Kathwari Plan, Greater Autonomy, Self Rule, Musharraf Plan etc, being similar in content and principle, are being nourished from inside.

The Government of India does not react to the recurring demand of Mehbooba Mufti for talks with Pakistan. The GOI cannot think of countering the demand by asking why and what of talks.

‘Operation All Out’ has unnerved the jihadi organizations of Pakistan as well as the ISI. Its impact on Mehbooba and her party is self-explanatory as she now demands that security operations should be terminated in Kashmir because as she puts it “our youth are getting martyred.” In her phraseology a civilian throwing stones on the security forces and supporting the terrorists when confronted by the forces and get killed is a martyr.

Events happening in Kashmir have clearly brought to the fore both the ideological content as well as the operational character of an intense destabilization. We have been witnessing mobilization of public and harnessing of terrorist violence in Kashmir for quite some time in such a way that should leave no body in doubt that what we are face to face with is not occasional incidents of terrorism but a war which is called Jihad by its proponents. In fact calling this sustained terrorist violence and Theo-fascist mobilization in Kashmir as mere terrorism will be the travesty of truth. We are face to face not only with a total war but also total civil disobedience in which the distinction between the terrorists and the civilians has dissolved. Through intense and relentless religious fascist indoctrination the society in Kashmir has become paramilitary in behavior.

Pragmatic handling of the ongoing situation demands drastic change in the basics of Government of India’s policy on Kashmir. However, given the political chemistry in the country as it is today, Modi government has left itself with no option but to succumb to the separatists in Kashmir reaching them through aggressive PDP and impotent BJP. PDP has very smoothly managed disintegration of Jammu BJP power house because it has the ability to draw the maximum of leverage from the imbecility of its coalition partner.

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