Kashmiri female teachers’ human rights

Letter from: Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum
NGO registered in Delhi
E-241 Sarita Vihar, New Delhi – 110076

To: Chairman NHRC, Faridkot Housed, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi, India
August 3, 2009:

Your Lordship,

We are a Delhi-registered international NGO with branches in Geneva (Switzerland) and Colorado (USA). We work for human rights and assist UN organizations and official and non-official organizations in preserving and promoting human rights of all.

A case of human rights has been brought to our notice which pertains to the Education Department of Delhi administration.  

Nearly 233 qualified and trained graduates and post-graduates from among the internally displaced persons from Kashmir Valley were appointed by the Education Department of Delhi Administration soon after armed insurgency erupted in Kashmir in 1990 forcing the religious minority to leave their habitats for a safer place.

This was a laudable act of humanitarian consideration of the destitute persons. We highly appreciate it.    

These teachers were appointed temporarily on consolidated salary which is almost one third of the salary paid to regular teachers with same qualifications and same work-load in the same department.

The service of these temporary IDP teachers is terminated every eleven months in a year so that they do not claim to be regularised. Their salary for the days of break is not paid.

It is unjust that for last about twenty years these qualified teachers have been kept as temporary employees deprived of all benefits like regularisation, emoluments, pensioner benefits of medical aid, house rent, leave salary etc. What is more, they are all internally displaced persons having lost their homes and hearths two decades ago and with no place to go.

The Constitution of India stipulates equal wages for equal work.

We learn they have approached the Delhi administration for redress of their grievances. So far justice has not been done. Some of them are close to reaching the age of superannuation without any post-retirement benefit.

These are all women teachers (except one or two males). During past two decades, hundreds of teachers have been employed by Delhi administration and regularised them but these 230 teachers have been singled out.

We approach Your Lordship with the request that Delhi administration be advised to regularise these female teachers with retrospective effect meaning from the date they joined the service as a special category without prejudice to the seniority of regular teachers. This is a genuine human rights case and we are sure that it will be considered with sympathy.

With regards, Indu Bushan, Secretary.

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