Kashmir under US radar

By Jam Subuhi, sorry, by K.N. Pandita,

Embattled in NWFP, the US nurses the hope that Pakistan will fight to finish her Taliban/Al Qaeda battles. The home-bred TTP is ideologically far more entrenched and cohesive. No Pakistani regime can underestimate the fallout of obliterating it from Pakistan’s political landscape.

Obama administration is more than willing to pay a price, billions of dollars already having changed hands. Yet Pakistan is eyeing something substantial that would contribute to the stabilizing of the present regime and vindicating Pakistan’s long standing greed for Kashmir. 

Policy planners in Islambad’s civil and military establishments do not find an opportunity better suited to bring in Kashmir as prime element of any deal. They have succeeded, at least, in weaning away US think-tanks from their long-standing policy of apparent neutrality on Kashmir to deeply interested partisanship.

Pentagon Sultans scurrying in tandem with ISI sleuths seem to have convinced Obama administration that New Delhi’s is likely to succumb to sustained pressure for undoing status quo in Kashmir. In their calculus this would disengage India-Pak build up along the border and thus help Pakistan columns return to NWFP battle front with much more fire power.

This line of thinking became clearer when two prime ministers meeting on the sidelines of Sharmu’l Shaykh conclave issued somewhat uncommon and non-conventional joint statement with oblique reference to Baluchistan. Pakistan won the first round of astute diplomatic thrust.

That two prime ministers were egged on to make forward movement for reaching some agreement on Kashmir and other problems common to both is no more a matter of surmise. Manmohan Singh had little choice either to exclude the reference to Baluchistan or to budge on talks on Kashmir.

New Delhi could not prevent ethnic cleansing of the valley from the Hindus in 1990. the Today, the Home Minister of India says in the Parliament that the displaced persons are not willing to return to Kashmir. Its is to hide government’s incompetence Those who heard his harangues in the Parliament should have asked him what plans for their safety, security, sustenance and majority good -will were worked out by the government.?

The attitude of the government towards the aspect of ethnic cleansing in the valley will never be raised or discussed because nobody has any interest in either secularism or
serious national security concerns.

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