When leaders become shameless

By K.N. Pandita

Ishrat Muneer, a 25-year old girl of village Dangarpora in district Pulwama was gunned down by the jihadi terrorists although she had supplicated with folded hands for sparing her life. With the first bullet piercing her skull she fell down. The cannibal fired another bullet on her head. Her dead body was recovered from somewhere in Draggad area of Shupian in Zainapora. It became viral and their purpose was served.

Uploading the video on social media is meant to send a message across that “informers” in the valley would meet the identical fate. Until this day, so many killings have taken place for the same reason. And silent and non-reacting Kashmiris call it a service to faith. However, in the case of Ishrat, spurned-carnality may not be ruled out. Local hosts of guest mujahedeen from other side know it and perforce must remain glued to endemic and cowardly sadism.

The Federal and the State government both have failed to fulfil the first fundamental and most important duty of a state i.e. security of life to Indian citizens. Security wise, South Kashmir’s three districts, Shupian, Pulwama and Anantnag are practically controlled by the Hizbul Mujahedeen with many Pakistani commanders calling the shots. They have carved the “liberated area”. They have established a comprehensive network among their accomplices and their handlers across the border. Through massive mosque propaganda and religious fervour, they have successfully roped in not only the masses but also the political leadership and more importantly the nuts and bolts of district administrative machinery.

There is hardly a day when the encounters do not take place at one or the other place in South Kashmir. Each anti-terror encounter is followed by massive protest rallies by the civilian population comprising the old, the young, the women and the teenagers, to obstruct the security action like cordoning off the specific spot and conducting search operations. The security officers perforce take punitive measures like bursting tear gases or firing pallet guns, injuring the protestors and exacerbating anti-India frenzy.

The entire nature of proxy war in Kashmir is radically different from the fighting tactics taught to a regular soldier or a regular policeman during his training. It is a war between the unarmed masses of Kashmiri people and the armed defence forces of India. The enemy has planned so craftily as to make the Indian State fight the sneaked in a handful of Pakistani terrorists supported by entire Kashmir valley Muslim population. their strength lies in mobilizing the people successfully through propaganda, falsehood and canard.

Kashmir political leadership (of whatever hue/stream) is one with separatists and jihadists out of vengeance, sadism and compulsion. However, it has unique mastery over the art of deception, much more dimensional than what the Indian bosses have in regard to Kashmir issue. J&K bureaucracy and administrative paraphernalia have about 80 per cent representation from the valley. The golden principle which runs unhindered in the entire administrative system from top to bottom grabs and take home as much of money as you can from New Delhi, care two hoots for utilization certification of accounts, patronize pro-Pakistan mission and pro-Islam culture extensively, entertain the guest mujahedeen in homes, hearths, hideouts, hinterlands, hotels,, restaurants, universities, colleges, marriage parties social functions, Eid prayers etc.

The masses of people are asked to wear the mask of Kashmiriyat, talk soft with Indian chapters, use Indian media to project their selves as the victimized humanity, shed tears before the OIC, on international platforms, maximise counter terrorist activities and minimize even nullify the terrorist activities and pray for the success of the mujahedeen, the gun wielders, the stone throwers and the patronize under-ground and over-ground activists, fight elections, rig them wherever you can and then use power for subversion.

The so-called Kashmir mainstream political lot will take the oath of loyalty to the Indian constitution and walk behind the Hurriyat. It will profess secularism but will raise the constituency of Jamat-i- Islami, work as its mainstay and then will swear by Indian secularism and Islamic law of equality. It will order amnesty to the Kashmiri militants returning from PoK, promise and provide them with jobs, financial support, scholarships to their wards and subsidized material for the construction of residential accommodation in prestigious areas of the city of Srinagar. It will gladly accept forty thousand Rohingya Sunni Muslims from Myanmar in Jammu (not Srinagar mind you), provide them with ration cards, election cards, Aadhaar cards all secretly. After that is achieved, it will come out in the open and in the assembly to raise a hue and cry that New Delhi wants to scrap Article 370 or 35-A.

And the government in Delhi is busy forging one lie after the other about its Kashmir policy which is non-existent. When BJP formed an alliance with PDP and the coalition government came into being, Modi government, out of a bravado announced a hefty sum of eighty thousand crore rupees for developmental projects. How much money was given, only the recipients know, and all that we the hewers of wood and drawers of water know is that no utilization certificate for a single penny was submitted by the State government to the centre? And after four long years of bonhomie with PDP, the BJP pulled the rug from beneath the PDP’s feet and its point-man shamelessly said in a press conference that as there was not an iota of development in the State, BJP had no alternative but to withdraw support. Despite this shamefacedness, the point-man continues to be the point-man although he should have been behind the bars for telling lies for four long years to the nation.

So-Called secular India is passionately nursing communalism in Kashmir. It has created a festering Pakistan within its domain. The valley is gone and, lo and behold, Ladakh is hanging by a slender thread as it is within the arms reach of Sino-Pak unholy alliance. Jammu stands encircled by thousands of Kashmiri Muslim entrepreneurs for whom propagation of faith under the rubric of winter habitat. They are not only basking in the sunshine of the State government’s largesse but are faithfully carrying out the agenda of the Leviathan of Kashmir Muslim ruling circles after they have effectively cleansed the valley of the presence of Pandits.

Readers may ask me what the remedy is. Let me reproduce from Pakistan Army sources the achievements of its Zarb-e-Azab operation against the terrorists in North Waziristan. Here is the excerpt: “The military strategy used for this was SEEK-DESTROY-CLEAR-HOLD. Seek and Destroy component is from the Vietnam War, while Clear and Hold component is from the Iraq War. Pakistan military combined the two doctrines as one for the operation to be successful. The way forward for this would be that the military will seek the target, once found it will be destroyed then the infrastructure, bodies and weapons would be cleared and the area will be held both during and after its completion to ensure post operation and infrastructure rebuilding or rehabilitation doesn’t take place. After one and a half years of Zarb-e-Azb phenomenal success was achieved. The terrorists’ backbone was broken and their structure dismantled. Nexus sleeper cells largely disrupted and with the Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) the remaining sleeper cells were busted. 3400 terrorists were killed, 837 hideouts destroyed from where the activities were being conducted. And another 183 hardcore terrorists killed, 21193 arrested. However this success came with a high price, 488 valiant officers, men of Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps KPK, Balochistan, Rangers Sindh sacrificed their lives and 1914 were injured. The result of this was the overall improved security situation and the terrorist attacks in Pakistan had dropped to a six-year low since 2008.”

But for planning along these lines, the first step is to handover three districts of South Kashmir to the Army which must have the freedom to act and wipe-out terrorism from the valley lock, stock and barrel. Alas! For that, no elected government in New Delhi has shown either the guts or will-power. They are happy to remain glued to slavery and servitude. Hence, our brave soldiers will continue to get killed in Kashmir to no purpose and the governments will continue filling the coffers of Kashmiris with mountain-high monies which Kashmiris will use to buy war material.

Remember, the nation is with the heroic soldiers of India.

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