Letter to the Editor – Carrying Vajpayee legacy

Daily Excelsior

Dear Sir,

Apropos ‘Modi did not ….: (DE 28 April)

NC and PDP chiefs both nostalgically speak of “Vajpayee doctrine” about resolving Kashmir imbroglio. Partisan media is usually euphoric and loquacious on the subject. However, nobody including the author himself ever explained what that doctrine was. Vajpayee never explained what his aphorism of “jamhooriat, insaniyat aur Kashmiriyat” meant. Who needed to be reminded of the ambiguous triumvirate? He invited Musharraf to Agra, conducted negotiations with him that ended in a fiasco. Musharraf cashed on the event by inviting international media to his hotel and announcing that he had made all concession but Indians were a bundle of confusion. Kargil was Pak’s slap on Vajpayee’s soft cheek. He proved disastrous as a leader, a statesman and a commander. The jawans of Indian army who fought and died in Kargil war saved his prestige and his chair, and the man never did even the smallest act of providing basic facilities to the soldiers fighting at a high altitude to combat the enemy and the inclement weather leave aside One Rank One Pension issue. Finding him totally confused and contradictory, a senior bureaucrat in the MEA sidelined him and rebutted Musharraf. Where was the Insaniyat of Kashmiris when more than a thousand of innocent Kashmiri Pandits were murdered in cold blood and the entire the valley ethnically cleansed of them. Why did not the element of insaniyat scratch Vajpayee’s humanistic sense throughout his two stints as PM? He will be remembered, no doubt, for making 130 crore Indians a prisoner of one terrorist–Azhar Masud.

K.N. Pandita

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