Letter to the Editor – KP return

Daily Excelsior

Dear Sir,

Apropos Dr K.L. Chowdhury’s article ‘Return of Kashmiri Pandits’ (DE 1 Aug) the disturbing point is that a few Pandits hobnobbing with the Hurriyat (M) have publicly said that they have the blessings of the Home Ministry sources to make the exercise. Neither the MHA nor the office of the State Governor has repudiated this assertion. Hence there is a further intensification of uncertainty and suspense…
Dr Chowdhury’s has rightly said that not only the governments in the State and the Centre but our adversaries in the valley also want to take shelter behind the pretext of alleged Pandit disunity. The truth is the reverse of this fabrication, and the reality goes beyond that. The united demand of all Pandits all over the world is for a HOMELAND in Kashmir Valley. Let it be clear first to the Indian government and then to the stakeholders in Kashmir. We have international support for our demand for Homeland. BJP and Hurriyat (M) may have some unknown understanding between them to serve their political goals on the issue, but we will defeat their nefarious designs. The exiled Pandits will return to their peaceful and pious Homeland but not to a Theo-fascist State.

K.N. Pandita

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