Jammu and Kashmir Nationalist Movement (JKNM)

Press Release – 9 June 2020

JKNM strongly condemns the dastardly killing of young Ajay Pandit (Bharti) the elected Sarpanch of a village in Anantnag district at the hands of Islamic terrorists who have been fighting Islamic jihad in Kashmir for last three decades on the behest and with the tacit support of Pakistan-based terrorist organizations, two or three of which have been designated by the UN and the US State Department.

Ajay Pandita’s killing is part of the agenda of Pakistan and its sponsored terrorists in Kashmir backed up by local separatists and secessionists to derail democratic process and pursue ethnic cleansing of the valley of Hindu religious minority started in 1990.

It is condemnable that the prayers of the martyred Ajay Pandit to the local authorities for providing him security against suspected foul playing were not heeded. His party leadership cannot be exonerated of failing to make the lives of its grassroots workers safe and secure against the perceived threat particularly knowing that the religious minority grassroots workers are quie vulnerable to fatal attacks.

JKNM, therefore, demands that a judicial inquiry be held in this murder and the real culprits exposed and given exemplary punishment under the law. No murder of this sort can be undertaken without local connivance.

While the killing of Ajay Pandita is a serious setback to the democratic process in the Union Territory of J&K, it is also a stark reminder to the small religious group of Hindus in Kashmir Valley that their security is in total jeopardy.
JKNM notes with great anguish that this is the first case of a murder of a member of a religious minority community on both political and religious basis ever since J&K became the Union Territory. Therefore, the Union Government has the responsibility of ensuring the security of a few hundred members of the Hindu minority community who are still in the valley. They include the Hindu men and women employees in government or private service in the valley also.

JKNM us aware that the terrorist organization that has owned the responsibility of killing Ajay Pandita is an amalgam of the murderers and terrorists of the three major terrorist organizations namely LeT, JeM and HuM with their base in Pakistan and a widespread network in the valley.

The killing of a member of the Hindu religious minority in Kashmir raises many questions on the entire process of return and rehabilitation of the internally displaced community back in Kashmir. The Union government shall have to develop a realistic view of rehabilitating the Hindu displaced minority back in the valley in the light of the killing of Ajay Pandit.

JKNM and the entire community pay homage to this brave and patriotic son of Kashmir who has made the highest sacrifice of his life for upholding the banner of democracy and human dignity in an environment of abysmal darkness and gloom in which humanism has become a casualty.
Dr K.N. Pandita

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