Letter to the Editor – Signals from Kashmir

Daily Excelsior

Apropos K.B. Jandial’s Don’t overlook negative signals from Kashmir (DE 11 June). The writer has tried to unravel very crucial aspects of the current situation of Kashmir militancy. Nobody will disagree with his analysis and depth of perception. But I have to add something. I find he has been treading with over-cautious steps in a field that for sure is striven with dangerous thorns. He should have overcome reservation and caution in a matter that is of extraordinary importance to the Indian nation.

India is now in the thick of countering the ghazvatul Hind as propounded in the books of Islamic tradition. The most determined and dedicated Islamic radical forces, adhering to the concept of Islamic Caliphate find that the land of the infidels (kuffar) is still intact and stands as a major obstruction to the concept of Islamic Caliphate and hence has to be destroyed. This is the shape which Huntington’s War of Civilizations has taken. India is the only country that stands with an eyeball to eyeball stance against the intrepid enemies of democracy and liberalism. Europe and other developed powers understand that India is caught in the whirlwind of Islamic onslaught. They are trying to save their skins and sidetrack the main issue but India cannot. The warriors of Ghazavatul Hind are fortunate to find the Indian leftists, pseudo-secularism buffoons and radicalized cronies lending them all possible help they can. Thus India is forced to fight on two fronts; internal and external in which the internal front is more dangerous. There is one and only one solution. Every India between the age of 20 and 35 must undergo military training, be equipped with sophisticated weapons ready to fight to finish the scourge called ghazvat. Power flows through the barrel of the gun and the enemy we are faced with understand no language other than the gun.

K.N. Pandita

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