K.N. Pandita’s letter

I have not been able to write to you since 8th of October. The deadly earthquake in a large part of Northern India, especially in Kashmir was too big a tragedy taking the life of 60,000 people, wounding about 100,000 people and uprooting nearly a million people. Fifty per cent of the dead are school children with 200 to 300 children getting buried in each school building.

I joined the relief teams of some NGOs and went to the field to provide relief. We collected hundreds of blankets, tons of medicine, food, clothing, and water bottled and distributed these among the suffering population. As most of the dead could not be buried because is difficult, there is horrible stench and one cannot go near the site.

All this kept me busy in great humanitarian work. I cannot explain the tragedy I have seen with my eyes. There was no communication link, all wires and installations destroyed and buried under mountains of debris. Today I have been able to establish temporarily some link and am writing to you. Kashi Nath Pandita.

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