Letter to the Editor – HC verdict

Sir, Justice Nisar Ahmad Kakroo of the Jammu Wing of State High Court has pronounced a historical judgment directing the state government to treat Doda, Poonch migrants like Kashmir migrants. (DE Nov 30).

The judgment has not only humanitarian but also political dimensions by inference. In the first place the honourable high court has termed the strife affected persons as “migrants” and not “internally displaced persons”, which has been the plea of the people who were forced out of the valley. Secondly, the honourable court has recognized that the “migrants” were forced to flee their native places owing to threat to their person like killing, kidnapping, rape, molestation and vandalizing. The honourable court has directed the state government to treat the “migrants” from these two districts in the same way it treats the “migrants” from the volley. In other words the honourable court means to say that the reasons for the dislocation of the civil population in the two districts of Jammu region are precisely the same as in the case of the “migrants” of Kashmir valley. This means the honourable court has once and for all times rejected the propaganda of the official and non official quarters that the IDPs from the valley were seduced by Jagmohan into leaving their home and hearth – a canard which almost every citizen of the valley has taken as the gospel truth.

The honourable high court has unveiled the truth and not minced words. This judgment is a historical and valuable document for the valley IDPs. K.N. Pandita.

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