Terror made Pandits exit Valley – Letter to the Editor

Editor: Times of India

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 11:18 AM, K.N. Pandita wrote:

Dear Sir:

Apropos ‘Terror made Pandits exit Valley’ (ToI Jan. 28, p.21), please put the record straight. I watched the entire debate. One participant (Tarun Vijay) commenting on the inadequacy of the consstitution in certain aspects wanted to know why the constituion could not protect the entire Hindu(Pandit) minority commmunity  from extirpation from its home and hearth in 1990.

In response Manish Tiwari said that an atmosphere of fear was created by the then J&K Governor (obviously Mr.Jagmohan) forcing the Pandis to flee.

In the first place, I wonder if Manish Tiwari has read Jagmohan’s well-documented book My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir.to know what exactly happened.

Secondly, here is an excerpt from an official letter of the Government of India to a Zurich-based NGO,  International Commission of Jurists that had visited Kahmir in 1995.
The violence in the State since 1989-90 has been characterized by … the targeted killing of members of the Hindu minority community, which has led to the exodus of over 250,000 members of the community resulting in a change in the very demographic profile of the area and blatant religious cleansing; use of indiscriminate violence against innocent civilians generally to create terror … .” ( Human Rights in Kashmir: Report of A Mission, ICJ, 1995, published in Zurich, p. 68).

Government of India’s report notwithstanding, the International Commission of Jurists’ own finding runs as this:

Most of the Kashmiri Hindu community … // … fled the Valley in early 1990. The assassination of a number of leading Hindus and threats of violence by the militants were enough to persuade the Hindu community to flee. (Ibid. P. 68).

Kashmiri Pandits would like that your esteemed paper candidly tells the Indian nation about Congress party’s double standards of Kashmir policy.

Regards, K,N. Pandit, New Delhi

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