Letter to the Editor – Telling the truth

Two more write–ups besides the ed op “A case of peace talks through the press?”, all pertaining to Kashmir and its terrorism scenario have appeared in the issue of December 9.

It reflects seriousness about the situation in Kashmir. Is it not the time to call the spade by its proper name and shun ostrich like attitude? Islamic militants have made deep inroads into all walks of life of Kashmiri civil society; political parties of all hues, administration, bureaucracy, intelligence, law making and civic bodies, police, and security forces. Kashmir has been totally Islamized with non-Muslims hounded out and Islamic theological dispensation ruling the roost. What is more, the Indian state has willy-nilly accepted a theocratic federating state within a secular union.

Public has a right to ask the print media to tell them the truth even if it is harsh and unpalatable. Kashinath, Jammu.

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