Letter to the Editor – Rebels without a cause

The Hindustan Times, by K.N Pandit, Jammu

Apropos ‘Rebels with a Cause’ (HT 7 July), during last two decades of turmoil, J&K government absorbed no fewer than 7 lac Kashmiri Muslim youth into government jobs. Add another one and a half lac or more of private jobs it. This generation has seen a sudden and dramatic spurt in life style, from rags to riches, from ghettoes to ebullience. They live an exuberant life with houses, cars, civic facilities, no taxes, free education, and reservations in professional institutions (on the basis of national minority and regional majority), hefty scholarships, loan waivers and lavish packages from PMO, and above all, the freedom to indulge, overtly and covertly, in pro-insurgency activities owing to kid-glove policy of the establishment like the “healing touch” histrionics, and the vote bank syndrome of current Indian political indulgence. 

What for are they beset with “anger, frustration and disillusionment”? Political uncertainty, if any, is the creation of their radical theocratic leadership not letting them participate in the national democratic process for last two decades. Friday congregations in mosques, where rabid clerics drill hatred and animus into their heads, are a hundred times more effective than the internet. They are part of 22 % Indian Muslim population and are protected not by one but two constitutions. Wherefrom is the “threat to their identity”? The forces, too, have human rights.

And regarding “Council of Elders” etc., insurgent youth looked down with spite and need not be tutored on their ambivalence. Better identify stakeholders from among the body of the youth. And finally, vacillation between the Amarnath land row events and subsequent election results is the irrepressible phenomenon of fickleness, one of the main causes of Kashmiri society’s millennia – old travesty.

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