Letter to All

Dears All,

Please do not go on harping on this or that solution plan for Kashmir issue. If we have a clear vision of ground situation we will come to the conclusion that neither a plan is called for nor is any plan implement-able. Let us come out of a labyrinth spread out only to confuse and detract us.

What is at the centre of all publicized plans? All of them have come from the Americans and Pakistan, in true spirit of a client state, has picked up the thread. Both want to do away with the status quo, essentially and specifically to serve their own interests and not of Kashmiris. Muscle power is the instrument Pakistan has relied upon in order to do away with the status quo in Kashmir.

In previous three wars she could not achieve her aim. In the ongoing proxy war, she has been able to do two things (a) exacerbate religious frenzy and religion-based violence/terrorism among Kashmiri Muslims, and (b) internationalize Kashmir question with the expectation that international community would lend her a helping hand. All plans and formulae are the by-product of this two-pronged strategy.

India has only one option: to stick to the status quo as she did previously even if it means a short or a long war with Pakistan. The war, if it has to be there, is not for the sake of Kashmir. It is for the sake of protecting the political philosophy of the Indian state as enshrined in her constitution.

Pakistan realizes very well that Islam is at the crossroads of history – conservatism vs modernity. It is in the interests of the US to let Muslim ummah remain glued to conservatism and religion-oriented sensitivity. There is a battle raging with all ferocity within the fold of Islamic society. But Pakistan, instead of battling with the crucial socio-political issue of Muslim ummah wants to squeeze it into Kashmir capsule and bring it to the doorsteps of India. She is putting forward Kashmir as the rationale for her animus towards Indian political philosophy which is imperceptibly crawling into the heads of Pakistan’s intellectual segment. She has been able to mislead the Muslim world not because the facts on the ground support it but because the entire Muslim ummah is in deep crisis of conviction as a result of the march of science and technology. The dilemma is deep.. Pakistan would not want to play the second fiddle. To prove that she has the circumstantial advantage, she must, perforce, carve out, manufacture and then project an “anti-Islam entity”, and give it a name. “India” the name suits the ruling clique..

We must understand that India is rendering the greatest service to contemporary Islam by providing the second largest Muslim population of the world a democratic and secular dispensation without either interfering in or mishandling Islamic sensitivity. Conversely, she is promoting the true Islamic teachings by dovetailing her national policy to creative contours of Islamic civilization that would ultimately shape the harmonious and liberal Indian civil society. India has to maintain this policy at any cost. Even the slightest deviation in the fundamentals of this prognosis will be detrimental not only to the Indian civil society but also to liberal and emancipated Islamic elements in India and world over.

We have all sympathy with the people of PoK and NA as they are deprived of the chance of stepping into the age of modernity and rationality not actually through material prosperity but through radical transformation of perceptions. India is helpless in that. Therefore they have to break their own path. This path can be carved by introspection, by looking inwards and by initiating a transformation within. It cannot be achieved by taking up arms against India or any other country — first labeling it as an adversary or colonialist or hegemonic and then projecting it as the enemy of Islam. Nowhere in the world have the Muslims as much freedom of conviction and faith not even in declared Islamic countries as they have in India. Nowhere in the world are Muslims free to pursue their religious aims and objectives as in India. No Muslim country provides as much space for democratic and secular dispensation to a closed society as India does.

Kashmir Muslims have to understand it very well. They have to respond. History and the march of times will force them to respond. Fortunately some saner and pragmatic elements in the valley have begun to respond.

Hence we should forget about plans and modules and formulae for Kashmir. We should support and promote the dispensation we have in the India part of Kashmir not for the sake of India but for the sake of the freedom of mankind.. Terrorism, militancy, violence, canards and propaganda unleashed by the enemies of Islam in Kashmir will soon meet with their Waterloo. The new and emergent India, as the upholder of the flag of freedom of speech, conscience, faith, movement and decision in the Asian continent will usher in a new society in a new age with new goals and perceptions. Religion has to become a cementing force among peoples destined to adopt the course of democracy, secularism and pluralism. Economic imperative also point towards this impending development.

I would appeal all friends to stop this childish play of formulae and proposals and rise above obscurantism. There is no Kashmir question at all. There is the question of great turmoil within the Islamic society. Let the Muslims all over the world respond positively to a great and historic experiment India is making. Let the Muslim ummah solve its problem itself without bringing its distress to the doorsteps of others. And if they try to bring it to the doorsteps of others as Pakistan is doing with India in the name of Kashmir, India has the might, the will and determination to face the challenge and overcome it. The western world had the will to protect their freedom and democracy against the onslaught of Hitler’s dictatorship. They relieved human society of great peril. India is in no way short of performing that role if called upon to perform.
K.N. Pandita

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