Letter to the Editor – Suspending the Assembly

Daily Excelsior

Apropos ‘Cong seeks suspension of Assembly, Governor’s rule’ (DE Aug 4), the 50-member delegation of State Congressmen is doing a great disservice to the country by demanding removal of Omar Abdullah and animated suspension of the Assembly. These are extreme steps and if taken will only prove the spinelessness of the central government. State Congress has the record of running away from responsibilities as happened in 1990. Congress is major coalition partner in the government of the state. If it has dawned upon the Congressites that there is not good governance in the State, it is equally responsible for that. It should have quit long back but it did not. The real intention of the delegation was not to impress upon the PM the grave situation in Kashmir but subtly to profile a new candidate as PC chief. The situation in the valley is not at all as critical and disastrous as has been painted by the delegation to the PM. It is full of exaggeration and panic. Removal of Omar at this stage will not be only disastrous but also suicidal, which will not be compensated in any case. The might of the state must prevail if India wants to keep Kashmir integral to the Union.
August 4, 2010, K.N. Pandita, Jammu.

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