Why only Best Bakery

By K.N. Pandita, New Delhi – This is with reference to M.J. Akbar’s Peace of justice (14 March) If he believes in India’s “positive creative enhancing of peace”, if believes in the “freedom of media in India” and if he is convinced that Gujarat Best Bakery massacre is “one of the most terrible communal riots in our country”, would he like to express himself on the selective brutal killing (including slicing under machine saw) of nearly 1200 innocent, harmless and defenseless Kashmiri Pandits by JKLF armed fundamentalist brigade in the early phase of Kashmir insurgency in 1989-90. Several formal judicial inquiries were conducted in Godhra carnage including an unusual step of shifting the case to Maharashtra HighCourt. But not a word has been said or written about five pogroms of Pandits in Kashmir valley till date and the exodus of three hundred thousand people, leave aside instituting a Commission of Inquiry into that genocide. Is the massacre of Muslims inhuman and that of Hindus human? Or is it the vote bank syndrome of democratic India?

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