Letter to the Editor – Kashmir prescription

The Times of India, New Delhi

Apropos ‘Starting Point of Dialogue’ (ToI, Oct. 13) Kashmir situation has changed drastically from what it was in 1960s to 1990s. We need to talk of present day. Logic of social dynamics does not accept the idea of creating a new segment of the valley youth as one more dissenting front. They are the creation of six decades of hate-India campaign and should not be categorized apart. The writer does no justice either to himself or the volatile youth of Kashmir valley by circumventing the core issue viz. secession from India and accession to Pakistan. The story of autonomy, regional and sub-regional etc. is redundant, and should be forgotten if we mean to be realists. Where will the four hundred thousand extirpated and exiled minority community fit in in the scheme of autonomy or autnomies? Will they have their physical sub-region in the valley and constitutional safeguards to their identity, or does the author write them off once for all as non entity?
K.N. Pandit, Jammu, by email.

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