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Forgiveness tantrum

Dear Sir,

Apropos Farooq seeks ‘forgiveness’ for ‘ethnic cleansing’(The Hindu 8 Jan), weeks before his father signed Indira-Sheikh Accord in 1974, Farooq Abdullah was seen jointly sharing platform with the JKLF founder Amanullah Khan in Muzaffarabad (PoK) and holding a Kalashnikov in their hands in a huge anti-India rally and vowing to fight for ouster of India from Kashmir. In summer 1989, he released nearly 70 hardcore Kashmiri terrorists trained in PoK from Srinagar jails despite court recommendation for framing them for sedition. These seventy hard core local terrorists were responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent Kashmiri Pandits when armed insurgency broke out in late 1989 and early 1990. With forceful rise of armed insurgency in Kashmir in early 1990, Farooq then heading the coalition government with Congress, resigned, fled from Kashmir, took a flight to London and spent next six months peacefully enjoying his golf. 

All that he said during that period was that “Governor Jagmohan was a second Chingiz Khan” for trying to control the situation in Kashmir. The elected CM who should have staked his life as a valiant soldier and met the challenge to save the people who trusted him and voted him to power chose to abandon them and save his own life. A couple of years later, he reappeared on the scene and staked his claim to be the chief minister.  New Delhi, instead of impeaching him, extended its full support to him to regain chief minister-ship.  And poor Pandits whose return to their homeland he evaded during 12 years of his post-insurgency tenure as CM, have made the exiled home their new homeland. They do not grudge Farooq and his cronies in New Delhi enjoying the Paradise on Earth.
K.N. Pandit, Jammu, 0 98 50 57 57 95

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