Abbas Ansari has a point

By K.N. Pandita

The chief of Ittehadu’l-Muslimeen, Maulana Abbas Ansari has a cogent point as his condition for rejoining Hurriyat (M) from which he was expelled some months back on the charge of having agreed to meet with the Interlocutors at his residence. He had, at that time, made it clear to the Hurriyat (M) chief that the team of Interlocutors landed at his residence uninvited, and once they were there, he would not want to be discourteous to shut his door on them. This did not convince the Hurriyat (M) chief and the stalemate in relationship persisted. A panel of two members of Hurriyat (M) Executive Council conducted enquiry into the impasse and recommended that Maulana Abbas should be re-admitted to the Hurriyat (M). But now the Mualana has come out clearly and frankly with his two conditions if he is to return to the fold. He has made no bones in stating that both the acts of pelting stones and raising slogans and calling for strikes after Friday prayers are un-Islamic. He states that according to Islamic teachings, people should go back to their normal business after offering Friday prayers. He has sought an assurance from the Executive Council of the Hurriyat (M) that these two acts will be disallowed and banned if he is to rejoin the fold. 

Maulana Abbas Ansari is an outstanding Islamic scholar, a religious and political leader, and his word carries weight. His views are also the views of a majority of people in Kashmir. Maulana Abbas may not have said it, but the fact is that police enquiries have revealed that stone throwers were mercenaries working on the behest of some political personalities with vested interest. This would not help the so-called freedom movement, rather weaken it abysmally. By asking the Friday crowds to go on strikes, only the poor wage earners and petty shopkeepers in towns and villages are made to suffer their daily earning and survival. We hope the Hurriyat (M) will see reason in the point that Maulana Abbas Ansari has made.

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