Kashmir Diversity, of Christian Science Monitor

Letter to the Editor of the Christian Science Monitor:

With reference to Beldauf’s ‘Once diverse Kashmir is now valley of Muslim’, 22 Oct. 2002:

The fundamental misunderstanding is about so-called ‘peaceful co-existence’ among the people of various faiths in Kashmir. The Hindus of the valley remained persecuted, oppressed and suppressed under Muslim domination from 1339 to 1846, a period of nearly five centuries. It is only for one century, 1846 to 1946, that they had some respite. After 1946 down to 1990 till their finat exodus, they suffered blatant discrimiantion and deprivation in a so-called secular democratic Kashmir, for whose freedom from autocratic rule the Pandits had made no less valuable a contribution. The Pandits just 3 per cent of total population miserably defenceless, unarmed and harmless, lived a life of total subjugation, which the Muslims call “peaeful co-existence” and more ironically “Kashmiriyat”. If a Hindu in minority remains subjugatied he is “paceful” to the Muslims and if he asks for his rights, he is “communal” to the Muslims. If the Muslims asked for partition of India as their right to have a life and personality of their own, it is justified. But if the Pandits ask for their Homeland in Kashmir for the same reason, it is unjustified and “betryal of Kashmiriyat”. Islamization of Kashmir has been the agenda chalked out by the Wahhabi ideologues in Saudi Arabia, and the money flowed from their ar-Rabita. What is the cry of diversity of Kashmiri culture raised by some flamboyant Kashmiri Muslims? India knows, and if she does not know she must know, that Muslim Kashmir has been radicalised and what they are protecting and perpetuating is a theocratic state within a secular union or a gross contradiction in terms. K.N. Pandita, Geneva, 23 Oct 2006.

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