The Tribune, Chandigarh India

Letter to the Editor, Pakistan Democratic Forces:

Dear Sir, This is with reference to Bhutto, Sharif hint at poll boycott (Tribune, 20 Oct). Presidents of two leading political parties of Pakistn, both in exile at the moment, would want Pakistan’s 2007 elections to be conducted under interim and not the military regime, failing which they would boycott the elections. Obviously, at the root of this mistrust is that Pervez Musharraf government is not a democratically elected government and does not enjoy the public support despite feigned exercise in democracy. Therefore by the same token the top leadership of both the political parties of Pakistan should convey to Kashmir separatist and dissident leadership like those of APHC (both factions) that they should decline to talk to the unconstitutionally formed Presidential government of Pakistan on Kashmir issue because any agreement arrived at during these deliberations would not have the concurrrence of the majority of Pakistan’s civil society. Conveying their view to the Kashmir separatist leadership becomes very urgent in view of the rumour that the two contesting countries have almost arrived at an agreement of dividing the valley and making the Wular lake as the watershed between them. K.N Pandita, Geneva, 23 Oct 2006.

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