Letter to the Editor, Daily Excelsior

Dal Conservation

By K.N. Pandita – Sir, The Jammu and Kashmir High Court has directed the authorities to set up a Dal Conservation Fund and appealed to people to contribute to it to save this world famous lake from extinction. Prior to this, the State government has been, over last three decades, declaring its interest and involvement in Dal conservation projects. It has squeezed thousands of millions of rupees from New Delhi in the name of these projects. Yet the result has been further shrinking and further pollution of Dal Lake. Now the J&K High Court is intervening. It means the State government instrument has failed and the enormous funds wasted or pocketed. The fact is that the people of Kashmiris have no eye for aesthetics, and no culture for preservation of nature. They deserve the degradation of this beautiful lake because by and large, people get what they deserve. Do whatever we may; the Dal is not going to be revived. Therefore, the best would be to draw a plan of filling it by parts and creating habitats by laying a modern city over the site with broad avenues, residential quarters, official complexes, parks and all other infrastructure of a modern developed city. By announcing advance allotment of plots against earnest money, enormous funds will flow in and the scheme can take off. This would be the new capital city of Kashmir and will be welcomed instead of moving to Parihasapora, which, unfortunately, is connected with its ‘blasphemous’ pre-Islamic history.

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