Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, Chandigarah

by Prof. K.N. Pandita, New Delhi


Apropos the news item What’s behind Azad’s U-turn on joint control? ( 6 Jan 2007) , it is time both India and Pakistan change stance on Kashmir and come to grips with ground realities. A workable formula should be evolved within the broad frame of respective national interests giving and receiving as much as is reasonable. An understanding between the two countries would make the Kashmiris agree to be a party to the deal. Of course, a workable deal is to be predicated by two pre-requisites: One is that the deal between the two countries and with the agreement of Kashmiri pro and anti groups, should receive endorsement from the UN, the EU, the OIC and the SCO. Secondly the deal should encompass safe return to valley, concentrated rehabilitation and qualitative sustenance arrangement for the exiled Pandit community of Kashmir Valley under the provisions of the UN and UN Human Rights Charters.

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