Strike at the roots of insurgency

By K.N. Pandita

In run up to Fai’s prosecution and handing down of two year sentence by the District Court of Virginia, the two decade long disinformation campaign launched by ISI and its networks within Kashmir separatist outfits has come to ignominious end. International community is now fully convinced about how meticulously Pakistani intelligence agency has planned and floated armed insurgency by proxy in Kashmir for which purpose it built a comprehensive structure of export of terrorism.  

It is now clear to one and all that under the mask of “aazadi” Kashmiris have been fed with anti-India propaganda in more than one form. Security forces have been disparaged as “enemies of people”, army labeled as “occupational forces”, insignificant incidents blown out of proportion or communalized to whip up public passion and disrupt peace, and the State government has been castigated and condemned for its efforts of neutralizing subversion. These vicious and anti-state pernicious activities need a vast and well coordinated network not only in Kashmir but in other parts of the country and abroad. This has been the precise objective of the network headed by Fai. ISI meticulously planned to put these networks under the charge of agents of Kashmiri origin who would pose as protagonists of “aazadi” but in reality work for Kashmir’s handover to Pakistan.

With the exposure of Fai network, the focus of our policy planners must change and become more realistic. The theory that Kashmiri youth have been misled by Pakistan and its intelligence and propaganda machine has become tenuous. This thinking no more holds good. There is a thoroughly committed segment among Kashmiris with central role in fomenting armed insurgency. Their ideology is a mix of several elements like Islamic extremism, Wahhabi indoctrination; hate India crusade, massive disinformation campaign, fantasy of gun culture, nostalgia of triumphs of Islamic legions in bygone days and finally but most importantly the lure of big money.

Our policy planners have to be clear where the roots of insurgency are to be looked for. Armed insurgency cannot run even for one hour if the big money is not coming in uninterruptedly. Fai has been only a coordinating institution and those providing funds for this subterfuge are scattered over the entire globe. There are donors in the shape of covert state agencies, organizations functioning under the mask of public charity institutions, religious and missionary endowments, Kashmiri Muslim Diaspora, and philanthropic individuals. Owing to strict rules governing foreign remittances, most of the money meant for fuelling insurgency in Kashmir comes through banking and hawala sources. Clandestine remittances were known soon after armed insurgency erupted in Kashmir. Dozens of people have been arrested on hawala charges but the truth is that no serious action has been taken to curb the menace. Yes, a plethora of laws are there but these need to be applied. That is not happening. Banking and hawala transactions continue even today with as much intensity as can be imagined. The reason is that these criminals know that either the enforcement authority in India is incompetent or accomplices in the perfidy.

It is wrong to presume that infiltration or anti-India activities of ISI have come down or stopped. The temporary lull has appeared owing to internal upheaval in Pakistan. Otherwise entire terrorist-fundamentalist structure in Pakistan and infiltration programme is intact.  Pakistan is only bidding time to seize an opportunity and strike in a big way. There seems some lull in insurgency related activities in Kashmir not because the security forces have been able to stem the tide entirely but because Pakistan is bogged with many internal problems at this juncture. Otherwise ISI’s plan of destabilizing Kashmir is resolutely supported and carried forward by its Kashmiri networks like that of Fai and Tramboo and Nazir Shawl. If one Fai is put behind the bars for two years it does not mean that the entire network becomes paralyzed, rather the reverse is the case. Separatist leaders in Kashmir are publicly supporting Fai, which means supporting Kashmir’s occupation by Pakistan. This is high treason against the state and calls for action.

Now it is clear that if the government wants to reach the roots of militancy, then it must get at the sources of funding of militant outfits. Half- hearted attempts of making a stray arrest and then giving it media hype as war against hawala or unauthorized monetary remittances is dangerously counterproductive. By now the government should have rounded up all those who are known sympathizers of Fai and who, in all probability, could have been accomplices in banking and hawala transactions. This calls for massive hunt for all those involved in the racket. Once the government is able to break the backbone of supporters of militancy, people in the State in general and those in Kashmir Valley in particular will heave a sigh of relief. In the Valley people are fed up with militancy and very seriously desire that the government comes out with an iron fist. This is the time when the might of the State should come in to play its role. The massive conspiracy of detaching J&K from the Indian Union now laid bare by irrefutable evidence should come to its logical conclusion. The logic is that the Government must strike and strike with a heavy hand and destroy and decimate all institutions of insurgency. It should stop the prattle of “dialogue, negotiations and peaceful resolution” etc. The might of the State must strike at the roots of militancy here and now.

Rapporteur’s naivety:

In his monthly report on security and other matters of national importance, Home Minster P. Chidambaram spoke of more measures either taken or in the pipeline to streamline country’s internal security.  He thinks that controversial AFSPA needs to be modified. The UN special rapporteur’s observation that laws like AFSPA are not for a democracy is naïve. He has no idea about the objectives of Theo-fascism, its global networks and its barbaric methodology. He does not understand that Theo-fascism is challenging the hard-earned concept and practice of democracy. This battle is humanity’s battle for survival, much more difficult and intricate than the two World Wars.

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