Letter to the Editor, The Times of India

by K.N. Pandita, New Delhi

Indefencible acts


Apropos of Bachpan Bachao (ToI 7 Jan), kudos to Shobha for her defence of the undefended.  That is her port. Three instances of grisly and barbaric acts mentioned by her are a reflection on our political class. There are much more grisly and barbaric acts to which she could have alluded in order to substantiate her point. Nearly 2,000 innocent Kashmir Pandits were selectively killed by their compatriots turned “freedom fighters” in 1990.To quote only one example: Sarla, a young woman teacher traveled to Kupwara to collect her salary. She was kidnapped as soon as she came out of the office, gang raped and then put under machine saw and cut alive into several pieces. . Nobody has been arrested so far. No paper wrote a word, no political leader‘s hair was touched and no humanist or human rights activist beat his eyelid. Another example: Bitta Karate, a captured cold blooded Kashmiri “freedom fighter”  said in a national telecast that he lost the count of his Kashmiri Pandit victims after 22. The Kashmir trial court has given him parole. Come on Shobha ji, make your humanism universal. Have the courage to take the lid off the  Kashmir Pandora’s box.

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