Editor DNA India.net, Mumbai

Dear Sir,
I was disappointed by the contents of the article titled ‘Amarnath ropeway plan etc’ (DNA 29 Aug) by Firdous Syed. My disappointment is partly because of gross distortion of historical facts,  and partly, but more importantly,  because of my apprehension that articles with this tone an tenor   have the  potential of destabilizing delicate balance of communal harmony in Kashmir.   

I am myself a Kashmiri, and now a migrant. The history of  Kashmir during six decades in the past,  and particularly of two decades of armed uprising, has been enacted before my eyes. I have been a close witness to the great saga of post-independence Kashmir – from the attack of Pakistani tribesmen in October 1947 to present day. As such, hopefully,  my observations and assessment of contemporary history of Kashmir should not fail me.

I am convinced of your strict adherence to the journalistic ethics. As such, I am emboldened to script a rejoinder to the above referred write up. The purpose is to set the historical record right and save interested segments of society, especially the student community, from gathering wrong impression about an event of Kashmir history that has been dealt with by the writer in his article.

Kindly give it space and enhance the status of your esteemed paper as an astute component of the fourth estate.
The rejoinder is attached (resp. on this blog).
With regards, Kashinath Pandit

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