Letter to the Editor

Daily Excelsior – Warning to whom?


This is with reference to your editorial ‘Heed this Warning’ (Aug 17). Unusually strong words have been used to denounce ethnic cleansing of more than twenty thousand non-state subject daily wagers in the valley. Also for the first time the DE has conceded the ethnic cleansing of the Pandits from Kashmir in 1990. Perhaps it is the ‘right thing’ to do even if belatedly. But what should have been specifically focused on has not been done. It is not enough to say that more than a lakh of Kashmiris are working in other parts of India and more than twenty thousand Kashmiri students are receiving education in Indian educational institutes. It is tantamount to intimidation, which is not the right thing to do. What should have been earnestly stressed upon was to ask the broad masses of people in the valley to come out on the streets in protest of a very immoral, illegal and ‘anti-human act’ on the part of a segment of recalcitrant ‘Kashmiri leadership’. If the broad masses in the valley are sensitive to violation of human rights by the security forces, as they invariably are, they should also be sensitive to gross violation of human rights of ordinary Indian citizens who come to Kashmir to supplement the inadequate labour force. If there is no public demonstration by the masses of people and their leaders against this’blatant abuse of human rights’ then it has to be accepted that unfortunately the masses and their leaders are accomplices in the act. Where are the leaders of the labourers, wage earners, peasants and ‘deprived sections’ – the Leftists – who enjoy great privileges by grabbing the votes of this very toiling humanity? Where are Karats and Baradhans and Tarigamis?

K.N. Pandita, Jammu.

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