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Revisiting Indo-Pak Negotiations on Kashmir 1962-63

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By K.N. Pandita – President Kennedy and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan met in Bermuda December 20, 1962. They agreed to provide $ 120 million as “emergency” military aid to India to face short-term threat from China. Rebuffing Commonwealth Secretary Duncan Sandys’ concern that “should the West aid India and the Kashmir talks fail, it would have disastrous effect on Pakistan”, President Kennedy asked,” What would be so disastrous if Pakistan left CENTO? What do we get from Pakistan? In return for protection of our alliance and our assistance what do they do for us?” This was also indirect disapproval of Macmillan’s expression of more concern for Pakistan and criticism of India.

As Chinese troops crossed and routed Indian border post in North East, President Kennedy began responding to Nehru’s startling request for military equipment. He sounded Pakistan to give a commitment that it would not try to fish in disturbed waters by contemplating indirect support to China in opening another front with India on her western border. Ayub Khan’s response was that such a commitment was contingent upon a just solution of Kashmir issue. This was not the first time that Pakistan was making any demand from the US for regional peace contingent to Washington bringing pressure on India to resolve Kashmir issue.

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Answer to yesterday’s letter

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By Kashi Nath Pandita – The letter leaves out no conceivable accusation against the Pandits: they are absconders, they had nexus with the traitors of “freedom war”, they encouraged Jagmohan’s intentions of the massacre of Muslims, they are informers etc. etc.

One significant regimen of the planners of “freedom war” in Kashmir is disinformation. But what the non-militant Muslims of Kashmir speak in private, either within their close circles or with their “not too bad” Pandits in exile, is the reverse of what they speak in public. A militant who had abandoned the gun told me once that after interacting with some Pandits, myself included, he had to disbelieve all that had been said to him (during brainwashing) about the Pandits. He regretfully ruminated the indiscreet indoctrination to which he had been subjected by the ISI during the training in arms in PoK. Hatred and animus against the Pandits are the first requisite of the plan of “war for freedom” in the valley.

The “war for freedom” in Kashmir is actually the war of Kashmiri Muslims against “Hindu India”. The Muslim warriors kept their mission of training in ISI camps in PoK a top secret never disclosed even to their parents and closest relatives leave aside the Pandits. They began their “freedom war” with the gunning down of innocent Kashmiri Pandits followed by stern warnings to them to leave Kashmir at any cost. The ruling party of the time (1990), covertly in league with the gun-wielding Islamic warriors, found the escape route in destabilizing the state administration further by quitting the government and shirking their responsibility to civil society. The outgoing ministers occupied government bungalows in Jammu under high security provided by the Indian government and watched from distance how in the valley they had brought the people to the brink of disaster. If anybody obstructed the “war for freedom”, it was only the Kashmiri political leadership that had become apprehensive of losing its positions of power and hobnobbed with all shades of ideologies and their upholders.

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Threatening to Pandits: Conflict within

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By K.N. Pandita – It is somewhat bizarre that a powerful militant organization equipped with highly lethal weapons and committed suicidal cadres of mujahideen should have felt insecure by an impending visit of a few dozen of Kashmiri Pandits to Kashmir with the intention of performing befitting death rites of their martyrs.

The contemplated Pandit Mahashraadha ceremony of 6th August 2006 at Martand (Matan) was thwarted by the Harakatu’l-Jihad- Islami militating organization, which issued a letter of threatening only days before the ceremony would take place. Since none of the above mentioned militant organizations repudiated the contents of the letter, one is led to believe that it is a real and not a fake one. Even the Hurriyat and separatist political parties did not repudiate the threat.

Here is the text of the letter in question:

Harakatu’l-Jihad-e Islami

Kashmiri Pandits, who abandoned their native land in order to fully facilitate the traitors of the war for freedom in the Valley of Kashmir and the genocidal intentions of Jagmohan against the Muslims, are sternly advised to desist from any action that would make them informers against the freedom fighters.

Our organization endorses the joint statement of al-Arifeen, al-Nasireen, Farzandan-I Millat and New Kashmir Movement, issued by them on 22 July 2006 to the anti-national (meaning anti-Muslim) Kashmiri Pandits in which conditions were laid down that they should confess their intentions of Muslim killings, their sins (against the Muslims), their serious crimes, tender apology to the Muslims and join the war of freedom.

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