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Kashmir issue: a pragmatic not idealistic approach

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By K.N. Pandita – One needs to focus attention on the statement of the Foreign Secretary-designate Mr. Shiv Shankar recently given in a semi-official function in Islamabad. He is presently our Ambassador in Pakistan.

A thing like policy statement given by the foreign secretary – designate and on a very crucial subject, namely Indo-Pak relations, is something unusual to Indian diplomatic culture. Normally diplomats desist enunciating policy parameters.

Pakistan vigorously internationalized Kashmir question right from the day when armed insurgency began in Kashmir in 1990. Given the balancing act of the US in the case of Indo-Pak relations, political circles in the US gave only scant attention to the aspects of Kashmir insurgency, and falling to Pak propaganda, began speaking loudly on “human rights violations” in Kashmir. New Delhi was very slow and rather confused in countering Pak’s stupendous disinformation campaign as a component of its support to and sponsorship of Kashmir insurgency.

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